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Robert A. Ibarra is an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison with special research interests in Mexican-American migrant farm workers and economic elites in Latin America, and also in ethnicity and the farm culture of Norwegian Americans in rural Wisconsin. He is currently involved together with Professor Arnold Strickon in a project to investigate the impact of the contemporary farm crisis on patterns of ethnicity in Vernon county, Wisconsin, as these relate to agriculture.

Arnold Strickon is professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. During his early academic career he studied cattle-ranching communities in Argentina and became interested in rural communities established primarily by European immigrants and in the role of ethnicity, which led to his later examination of multi-ethnic farming communities in Wisconsin.

Aage Engesæter is on the faculty of Sogn og Fjordane Regional College at Sogndal. His professional interests include Norwegian social history and migrational forces; he is the author of “Rift om brodet”? Befolkning, ressursar og økonomi i Sogn 1801-1855, published in 1985, and a recent history of the county of Sogn og Fjordane for its sesquicentennial anniversary.

C.A. Clausen, a member of the Association’s Board of Publications and professor emeritus of Norwegian and history at St. Olaf College, has contributed regularly to the series.

B. Lindsay Lowell earned a doctoral degree in sociology from Brown University in 1985; his thesis Scandinavian Exodus: Demography and Social Development of 19th-Century Rural Communities was published two years later.

Janet F. Rasmussen is Humanities Dean at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma and a professor in the Scandinavian Area Studies Program. She has contributed earlier to this series.

Steven L. Johnson is assistant curator and manager of the Jacobson farmstead at Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American Museum, and is extensively involved in local preservation and history.

Marion J. Nelson, professor of art history at the University of Minnesota and director of Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American Museum, has a special interest in the folk and fine arts of Norwegians in America. He has lectured and published widely in this field.

J. R. Christianson is professor of history at Luther College. He has contributed numerous articles and translations to journals and collective works in the fields of Scandinavian studies and Scandinavian immigration history. He is presently completing a study of the sixteenth-century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Øyvind T. Gulliksen teaches American literature and culture at Telemark Regional College in Bø. He contributes regularly to popular and professional publications on topics relating to Norwegian emigration and immigrant life in America. In 1988 he published Ole Helgesens dagbok, 1872-1878. Tinn, Telemark, Calmar, Iowa, the diary of a Norwegian Synod schoolteacher in Iowa from Tinn in Telemark.

E. Biddle Heg is a great grandson of Colonel Hans Christian Heg of Civil War fame. He is retired from a career in university teaching and administration and is actively pursuing research interests in the Norwegian pioneer settlement at Muskego.

Gracia Grindal, associate professor of pastoral theology and ministry at Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary, has a special interest in hymnology, and has published poetry, as well as articles on Scandinavian folk songs and in her area of teaching.

Einar Haugen, emeritus Victor S. Thomas Professor of Scandinavian and linguistics in Harvard University and a member of the Association’s board of publications, has published and lectured extensively within his field and the related areas of Norwegian-American history and literature. The Association’s next publication will be his study of the Norwegian-American author Waldemar Ager.

Paul Benson acquired an interest in choral music when he was a student at St. Olaf College. While teaching in the fields of English and religion at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas, he completed his doctoral degree in English at the University of North Texas.

Rolf H. Erickson is the Circulation Services Librarian at Northwestern University Library and Second Vice President of the Norwegian-American Historical Association. Since 1981 he has served as chairman of the Chicago History Committee. Erickson has agreed to compile “Some Recent Publications” for forthcoming volumes in this series.

Johanna Barstad is a librarian at the university library in Oslo. She has published a list of holdings of the university library pertaining to Norwegian-American subjects, Litteratur om utvandringen fra Norge til Nord-Amerika (Oslo, 1975).

Charlotte Jacobson is the Association’s archivist. She continues to receive and process significant documents.


Executive Board

Lawrence O. Hauge, Edina, Minnesota, President
Roy N. Thorshov, Minneapolis, Minnesota, First Vice President
Rolf H. Erickson, Evanston, Illinois, Second Vice President
Arthur E. Andersen, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
Lloyd Hustvedt, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
Ruth Hanold Crane, Northfield, Minnesota, Assistant Secretary
Charlotte Jacobson, Northfield, Minnesota, Archivist
Odd S. Lovoll, Northfield, Minnesota, Editor
Mary R. Hove, Northfield, Minnesota, Editorial Assistant
Jostein Molde, Trondheim, Norway, Research Assistant
Samuel Abrahamsen, New York, New York
Oscar A. Anderson, Plymouth, Minnesota
Arley R. Bjella, Edina, Minnesota
Henning C. Boe, Seattle, Washington
J. R. Christianson, Decorah, Iowa
Karen F. Davidson, Hanover, New Hampshire
Russell W. Fridley, St. Paul, Minnesota
Arthur R. Huseboe, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas
Alf Lunder Knudsen, Seattle, Washington
William J. Korsvik, Wilmette, Illinois
Robert L. Lillestrand, Edina, Minnesota
Elsie M. Melby, Duluth, Minnesota
Marion J. Nelson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lois M. Rand, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dorothy Burton Skårdal, Oslo, Norway
Harry J. Williams, Chicago, Illinois


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