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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by C. A. Clausen
with Norwegian listings by Johanna Barstad
(Volume 31: Page 305)


Andersson-Palmquist, Lena. Building Traditions Among Swedish Settlers in Rural Minnesota. Stockholm, 1983. 121 pp.

Angel, Marc. La America: The Sephardic Experience in the United States. Philadelphia, 1982. x, 220 pp.
“The history of the some thirty thousand Levantine Jews who migrated to these shores between 1890 and World War I.”

Archdeacon, Thomas J. Becoming American: An Ethnic History. New York, 1983. xviii, 297 pp.
A one-volume survey of the American Immigrant experience.

Barthel, Diane L. Amana: From the Pietist Sect to American Community. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1984. 210 pp.

Bodnar, John et al. Lives of their Own: Blacks, Italians, and Poles in Pittsburgh 1900-1980. Urbana, Illinois, 1982. 286 pp.

Bruflot, Arnfinn. På andre sida av havet. Oslo, 1986. 54 PP.
A poetic description of the United States during the immigration era and today.

Carini, Mario. Milwaukee’s Italians: The Early Years. Milwaukee, 1984. 12 pp.

Cazden, Robert E. A Social History of the German Book Trade in America to the Civil War. Columbia, South Carolina, 1984. 801 pp.

Chan, Anthony B. Gold Mountain: The Chinese in the New World. Vancouver, British Columbia, 1983. 224 pp.
“Chinese immigrants to Canada had a very harsh life. Canada allowed them to come to build railways and to seek gold in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. When the railway was built, the country did its best to discourage the Chinese from staying.”

Chao, Evelina. Gates of Grace. New York, 1985. 372 pp.
“The theme of the New Land is the theme of America. In Gates of Grace, Evelina Chao gives us a modern, Eastern variation on that theme, showing a Chinese family working its way slowly and painfully into America in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C., in the 1950s and 1960s.”

Christianson, J. R., ed. Scandinavians in America: Literary Life. Decorah, Iowa, 1985. 342 pp.
The proceedings of SEMCON II, a conference at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, which focus on the literary life of Scandinavians in America, mainly in the century 1850-1950.

Cinel, Dino. From Italy to San Francisco: The Immigrant Experience. Stanford, 1982. viii, 347 pp.
". . . . much more than a history of Italians in a single city. His analysis of immigrant origins will be of great value for all immigration scholars and is a contribution to Italian social history.”

Clark, Dennis. The Irish Relations: Trials of an Immigrant Tradition. Rutherford, New Jersey, 1982. 225 pp.

Detjen, David W. The Germans in Missouri, 1900-1918: Prohibition, Neutrality, and Assimilation. Columbia, Missouri, 1984. 244 pp.

Dittmann, Chrisma S., compiler. Norwegian-American Imprints in the St. Olaf College Library. Northfield, Minnesota, 1986. 122 pp.

Eisen, Arnold M. The Chosen People in America. A Study in Jewish Religious Ideology. Bloomington, Indiana, 1983. x, 237 pp.

Erickson, John, ed. Petersen fra Peterson. Translated by Karl Pedersen. Peterson, Minnesota, 1985. 49 pp.
A collection of letters and other writings pertaining to the founding of Peterson, Minnesota.

Fosdal, Roberta Lien. Norwegian Roots, American Branches: the Kjetil and Bergit Lien Family History. Jefferson, Wisconsin, 1984. 253 pp.

Friedman, Murray, ed. Jewish Life in Philadelphia, 1830-1940. Philadelphia, 1983. 353 pp.

Friedman, Philip S. “The Danish Community of Chicago.” The Bridge, 8,1: 5-95 (1985).
This whole issue of The Bridge is devoted to Friedman’s study of the Danish community in Chicago.

Friis, Erik J., ed. The Scandinavian-American Bulletin.
This bulletin is published monthly by the Scandinavian-American Business Association of Greater New York. It carries articles of interest about all the Scandinavian countries. A special feature is “The Scandinavian of the Month,” a brief article by the editor honoring a person of Scandinavian blood who has achieved distinction in some particular field.

Georges, R. A. and Stern, S. American and Canadian Ethnic Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography. New York, 1982. xix, 484 pp.

Gjerde, Jon. From Peasants to Farmers: The Migration from Balestrand, Norway, to the Upper-Middle West. New York, 1985. xiv, 319 pp.

Glasrud, Clarence A., ed. A Heritage Fulfilled: German-Americans. Moorhead, Minnesota, 1984. 237 pp.

Hale, Frederick. Swedes in Wisconsin. Madison, 1983. 32 pp.

Hale, Frederick. The Swiss in Wisconsin. Madison, 1984. 40 pp.

Harney, Robert F., ed. Polyphony: The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.
Some issues of this periodical are devoted to a single topic. Recent issues include:
Vol. 3, no. I (Winter, 1980-1981): problems of creating trustworthy guide-hooks for emigrants.
Vol. 3, no. 2 (Fall. 1981): aspects of Finnish life in Canada. Vol. 4, no. I (Spring-Summer, 1982): the role of the ethnic press in Ontario.
Vol. 5, no. 2 (Fall-Winter, 1983): immigrant or ethnic theater in Canada.
Vol. 6, no. 1 Spring-Summer, 1984): the more than sixty ethnic presences in Toronto.

Herscher, Uri D., ed. A Century of Memories, 1882-1982: The East European Experience in America. New York, 1983. 189 pp.

Hess, Earl J., ed. A German in the Yankee Fatherland: The Civil War Letters of Henry A. Kircher. Kent, Ohio, 1983. xi, 169 pp.

Hoerder, Dirk, ed. Essays on the Scandinavian-North American Press: 1880-1 930. Bremen, 1984. 161 pp.

Hoff, Stein. Drømmen om Galapagos. En ukjent norsk utvandrerhistorie. Oslo, 1985. 211 pp.
Norwegian emigration to the Galapagos Islands.

Hoglund, A. William. Immigrants and their Children in the United States. A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations, 1885-1982. New York, 1986. xxviii, 491 pp.
A listing of 3,543 dissertations on immigrants to the continental United States since 1789 and their children.

Holubetz, Sylvia H., ed. Farewell to the Homeland: European Immigration to Northeast Wisconsin, 1840 to 1900. Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1984. 150 pp.

Jones, George F. The Salzburger Saga: Religious Exiles and Other Germans Along the Savannah. Athens, Georgia, 1984. 209 pp.

Jones, Peter D’A. and Holli, Melvin G., eds. Ethnic Chicago. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1984. ix, 625 pp.
Revision of the 1981 edition.

Klepp, Hans. Fem år av mitt liv. Lillehammer, 1983, 178 pp.
About Klepp’s stay in the United States, 1929-1933.

Kloss, Heinz, ed. Deutsch als Muttersprache in den Vereinigten Staaten. Teil II: Regionale und Funktionale Aspekte. Wiesbaden, 1985. 297 pp.

Kopp, Michael and Ludwig, Stephen. German-Russian Folk Architecture in Southeastern South Dakota. Vermillion, South Dakota, 1984. 36 pp.

Landelius, Otto Robert. Swedish Place-Names in North America. Translated by Karin Franzen, and edited by Raymond Jarvi. Carbondale, Illinois, 1985. xvii, 348 pp.

Lee, Knute. Survivor. Detroit, 1984. 223 pp.
The author of this autobiography grew up in Spring Grove, Minnesota, was a navy pilot during World War II, and later taught religion at various Lutheran institutions.

Lovoll, Odd S., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 30. Northfield, Minnesota, 1985. 340 pp.
Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles. “This volume of Norwegian-American Studies ... makes evident the rich opportunity for scholarly research that Norwegian settlement in the Far West provides; six of the nine articles in the collection are devoted to this topic.” The volume is dedicated to the memory of Peter A. Munch.

Lovoll, Odd S., ed. Scandinavians and Other Immigrants in Urban America. Northfield, Minnesota, 1985. 214 pp.
The proceedings of a research conference at St. Olaf College, October 26-27, 1984.

Lupul, M. R., ed. A Heritage in Transition: Essays in the History of Ukrainians in Canada. Toronto, 1982. viii, 344 pp.

Mandel, David. Settlers of Dane County. The Photographs of Andreas Larsen Dahl. Introduction by John O. Holzhueter, foreword by George Talbot. Dane county, Wisconsin, 1985. 84 pp.
Andreas Dahl emigrated to America in 1869 and supported himself as an itinerant photographer, especially of Norwegian-American subjects.

Miller, Randall M., ed. Germans in America: Retrospect and Prospect. Philadelphia, 1984. 132 pp.

Miyamoto, S. F. Social Solidarity among the Japanese of Seattle. Seattle, 1984. xxiv, 74 pp.

Mortensen, Enok. Den lange plovfure. Copenhagen, 1984. 232 pp.
“In the postscript to his novel, The Long Plow-furrow, Enok Mortensen notes that it is a fictional book portraying the Danish pioneer minister’s role and significance in the great immigration of the nineteenth century.”

Pedersen, Erik Helmer. Drømmen om Amerika. Copenhagen, 1985. 320 pp.
A survey of Danish immigration to and settlement in America. A volume in Politiken’s series on Danish history.

Petersen, Peter L. A Place Called Dana. Blair, Nebraska, 1984. 231 pp.
The Centennial History of Trinity Seminary and Dana College, 1884-1984.

Procko, Bohdan P. Ukrainian Catholics in America: A History. Washington, D.C., 1982. xiv, 170 pp.

Puskas, Julianna, From Hungary to the United States (1880-1914). Translated by Maria Bales and Eva Pálmai and edited by F. Mucsi. Budapest, 1982. 225 pp.
". . . . the first English-language history of emigration to come out of East Central Europe. . . . a condensed, and translated, version of a much longer book that originally appeared in Hungarian.”

Qualey, Carlton C., ed. The Immigration History Newsletter.
Published twice a year by the Immigration History Society, it contains articles, bibliography, listing of works in progress, and other material of interest to scholars in the field of ethnic history.

Rippley, La Vern J. The Immigrant Experience in Wisconsin. Boston, 1985. 220 pp.

Rochlin, Harriet and Fred. Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West. Boston, 1984. 243 pp.
“Whether in the mines, on the farms and ranches, or in trade, commerce, and the professions, Jewish pioneers in the West made good.”

Rølvaag, O. E. When the Wind is in the South and Other Stories. Translated by Solveig Zempel. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1984. 88 pp.

Roos, Rosalie. Travels in America 1851-1855. Translated and edited by Carl L. Anderson. Carbondale, Illinois, 1982. xviii, 152 pp.
A Swedish woman’s impressions of the Antebellum South.

Samtiden. 93: 1-80 (3, 1984).
This issue deals with Norway in America and America in Norway and includes articles on Norwegian-American topics by John R. Jenswold, Helge Dahl, Hans Fredrik Dahl, Nils Johan Ringdal, Terje I. Leiren, Arvid Bryne, Kjetil A. Flatin, Cæcilie Stang, and others.

Sandburg, Carl. Ever the Winds of Chance. Urbana, Illinois, 1983. xiii, 172 pp.
". . . . a rough draft - written in 1955 but never completed - of an account of Sandburg’s third decade, 1898-1908.”

Scandinavian Review. 73: 1-159 (Winter, 1985).
Seventy-fifth anniversary issue, containing articles on Scandinavian-American history by Dorothy Burton Skårdal, A. William Hoglund, Valdimar Björnson, Odd S. Lovoll, and Ulf Beijbom.

Scarpaci, V. A Portrait of Italians in America. New York, 1983. xxxii, 240 pp.

Schultz, Arthur R. German-American Relations and German Culture in America: A Subject Bibliography 1941-1980. White Plains, New York, 1985. 2 vols., xxiv,. 1279 pp.

Scourby, Alice. The Greek Americans. Boston, 1984. 184 pp.

Seller, Maxine Schwartz, ed. Ethnic Theatre in the United States. Westport, Connecticut, 1983. viii, 606 pp.
“Twenty individual essays, each treating the theatrical-historical experience of a different ethnic group.”

Sherman, William C. Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota. Fargo, 1983. 152 pp.
“Each of the six regional maps is accompanied by a supporting text detailing the settlement history of all major ethnic concentrations.”

Solensten, John. There Lies a Fair Land. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1985. 176 pp.
An anthology of Norwegian-American writing, with graphics by Arch Leean.

Sørbøl, Kjell. Ei Roeslekt i Noreg og Amerika. Gol, Norway, 1985. 123 pp.
A family history from both sides of the Atlantic.

Standal, Ragnar. Mot nye heimland. Utvandringa fra Hjørundfjord, Vartdal og Ørsta. Ørsta, Norway, 1985. 688 pp.
An article based on this study appeared in Norwegian-American Studies, 29 (1983), as “Emigration from a Fjord District on Norway’s West Coast, 1852-19 15.”

Steele, M. A. Knute Rockne: A Bio-Bibliography. Westport, Connecticut, 1983. xii, 318 pp.

Stegner, Wallace and Etulaine, R. W. Conversations with Wallace Stegner on Western History and Literature. Salt Lake City, 1983. 207 pp.
Conversations with the noted Norwegian-American author.

Thomas, R. D. Hanes Cymry America: A History of the Welsh in America. Washington, D.C., 1983. xxi, 517 pp.
Translated by Phillips G. Davis from the Welsh original which was published in 1872.

Tjossem, Wilmer L. Quaker Sloopers: From the Fjords to the Prairies. Richmond, Indiana, 1984. 80 pp.

Trommler, Frank and McVeigh, Joseph, eds. America and the Germans: An Assessment of a Three-hundred-year History. Philadelphia, 1985. 2 vols.

Utvandrere fra Grong til Amerika. Grong, Norway, 1985. 24 pp.
Immigrants from Grong in Trøndelag to America.

Utvandring fra Voss til America. Eit 150-års minne/Emigration from Voss to America: The 150th Anniversary. Published as Gamalt fra Voss, no. 17. Voss, 1985. 246 pp.
Norwegian and English text.

Ward, Robert E. A Bio-Bibliography of German-American Writers. White Plains, New York, 1985. lxx, 377 pp.

Weiss, Bernard J., ed. American Education and the European Immigrant, 1840-1940. Urbana, Illinois, 1984. xxviii, 217 pp.

Wendelius, Lars. Bilden av Amerika i svensk prosafiktion 1890-1914. Uppsala, 1982. v, 204 pp.
Pictures of America in Swedish prose fiction, 1890-1914.

Wickberg, Edgar, ed. From China to Canada: A History of the Chinese Communities in Canada. Toronto, 1982. viii, 369 pp.

Wiff, Patricia. The Lefse and Lutefisk Belt: A History of the Village and Township of Martel, 1840-1920. Spring Valley, Wisconsin. iii, 270 pp.

Wright, Rochelle and Robert, eds. Danish Emigrant Ballads and Songs. Carbondale, Illinois, 1983. ix, 302 pp.
The volume includes both the Danish originals and English translations.

Wyman, Mark. Immigrants in the Valley: Irish, Germans, and Americans in the Upper Mississippi Country, 1830-1860. Chicago, 1984. xiii, 258 pp.


Abrams, Elliott. “Unforgettable Scoop Jackson.” Readers Digest, February, 1985, 81-85.
Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson (1912-1983) of the state of Washington was the son of Norwegian immigrants.

Arestad, Sverre. “Norwegians in the Pacific Coast Fisheries.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 96-129 (1985).

Barton, H. Arnold. “The Life and Times of Swedish-America.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35: 283-296 (July, 1984).

Berggrav, Ragnvald. “Fra snekker-lærling til mangemillionær. Kjell Nordvik oppretter utdannelsesfond gjennom Nordmanns Forbundet.” The Norseman, 24-25 (4, 1985).
“From apprentice carpenter to multimillionaire: Kjell Nordvik establishes an educational fund through the Norsemen’s Federation.”

Berlin, Ira and Gutman, H. G. “Natives and Immigrants, Free Men and Slaves: Urban Workmen in the Antebellum American South.” American Historical Review, 88: 1175-1200 (December, 1983).

Betsinger, Signe Nielsen. “Jens Kjær: From Horsens to Atlantic.” The Bridge, 6,2: 42-52 (1983).
Jens Kjær (1866-1959) was a Danish-born artist who spent most of his adult life in the little community of Atlantic, Iowa.

Bjork, Kenneth O. “Reindeer, Gold, and Scandal.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30:130-195 (1985).
The involvement of Scandinavians in the Alaska gold rush and the attempt to introduce reindeer into the territory.

Christianson, J. R., ed. “Clausens on the Move: Chicago, St. Ansgar, Virginia, 1870-1873.” The Bridge, 6,2: 27-41 (1983). Letters throwing light on the work of the famous Danish-born pioneer pastor, Claus Laurits Clausen. Translated by Erik Christianson, J. R. Christianson, and Paul Christianson.

Clausen, C. A. “Some Recent Publications.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 293-310 (1985).
A listing of books and articles, published largely during the years 1982-1984, dealing with immigration history.

Dagman, Stieg-Erland. “Gustaf Mellberg-From Swedish Academician to American Farmer.” Swedish-American Genealogist, 3:161-169 (December, 1983).

Dørum, Hallvard. “Einar Haugen. Amerikaner, nordmann og oppdaling.” Bogda vår. Arsskrift for lokalhistorie, 1985, 4-17.

“The Emigrant Boy Who Became Governor.” The Bridge, 16,3:69-74 (1984).
The story of Adolf Olson Eberhardt, immigrant from Sweden, who served as governor of Minnesota, 1909-1915.

Erickson, Rolf H. “David Johnson-Chicago’s First Norwegian.” Swedish-American Genealogist, 4: 69-71 (June, 1984).

Gulliksen, Øyvind T. “Clarence A. Clausen, drangedøl og amerikaner.” Det var ein gong-: minnerfrå Drangedal, 93-127 (8, 1985).
An account of a second-generation Norwegian American and his interest in the culture of his forefathers.

Gulliksen, Øyvind T. “John Lie og Amerika.” Telemark Historie, 103-130 (6, 1985).
An account of John Lie (1846-1916), a Norwegian novelist and poet whose works became very popular among Norwegian-American readers.

Gunderson, Nancy. “Displaying the Colors.” The Sons of Norway Viking, 81, 6: 288-290 (September, 1984).
Honors paid to the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, “The Norwegian Regiment,” which did valorous work during the Civil War.

Gustavson, Erik. “The Emigration from Karlstad to America.” The Bridge, 16, 3: 75-78, 83-86 (1984).

Hale, Frederick. “The Dano-Norwegian Department of Chicago Theological Seminary.” The Bridge, 7, 1: 12-29 (1984).

Hambro, Johan. “Fra verdensmann blant pionérene.” Norges Jul, 1985, 48-50.
An account of the vain attempt of Nils Otto Tank (1800-1864), a prominent Norwegian, to found a “Herrenhut” settlement near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Hamre, James S. “Three Spokesmen for Norwegian Lutheran Academies: Schools for Church, Heritage, Society.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 221-246 (1985).
The views of Herman Amberg Preus (1825-1894), D. G. Ristad (1863-1938), and Olaf M. Norlie (1876-1962).

Haugen, Einar “Kristine Haugen. Brubygger og kulturpersonlighet.” Bagda vår. Arsskrift for lokalhistorie, 1984, 14-17.
An account of the author’s mother, a distinguished Norwegian-American cultural leader.

Havik, Sveinung. “Gullgraverekspedisjonen som skulle til ‘Califormen,’ og som stranda i Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.” Levanger historielag. Arsskrift, 1985, 26-38.
A gold expedition to California that was stranded in Rio de Janeiro.

Hedblom, Folke. “Swedish Personal Names in America.” Swedish-American Genealogist, 5: 17-35 (March, 1985).

Hegstad, Patsy Adams. “Scandinavian Settlement in Seattle, ‘Queen City of the Puget Sound.’” Norwegian-American Studies, 30:55-74 (1985).

Hollwas, John. “John Reagan’s Emigrant’s Guide: A Neglected Literary Achievement.” Illinois Historical Journal, 77: 269-294 (Winter, 1984).
The Emigrant’s Guide is a detailed account of immigration to early Illinois.

Hoyle, Karen Nelson. “Danish Immigrant Contributions to Mainstream American Children’s Literature, 1867-1983: An Overview.” The Bridge, 6, 2: 18-26 (1983).

Hustvedt, Lloyd. “O. A. Tveitmoe: Labor Leader.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 3-54 (1985).
The life and activities of a prominent Norwegian-American labor organizer and editor in the San Francisco area in the first quarter of this century.

Jacobson, Charlotte. “From the Archives.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 311-318 (1985).
A listing, with brief analyses, of recent acquisitions by the Archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association, Northfield, Minnesota.

Johnson, Rolf. “Tragedy at Sea.” Hallingen, June, 1985, 23-26.
The trials and sorrows of an immigrant family aboard a sailing ship in 1846.

Karevoll, John. “Sverre Falck Nielsen. Mannen som bygger San Diego.” The Norseman, 22-23 (5, 1984).
The story of a Norwegian American who has designed and built many of the largest and most noted buildings in San Diego.

Kolle, Nils. “Gjensyn med Castle Garden.” The Norseman, 18-20 (2, 1985).
Return to Castle Garden, the immigrant receiving station in New York until 1892.

Kolltveit, Bård. “Amerikabåtene.” Norsk sjøfartsmuseum. Årsberetning, 1983, 137-242.
Includes a summary in English: “The ‘America Boats’: the Passenger Ships of the Norwegian-America Line.”

Kvelstad, Ragnvald. “The Pioneers of Dog Fish Bay.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 196-220 (1985).
Norwegian settlers in the Poulsbo, Washington, area.

Larson, Nels T. A. “Life in Saskatchewan, 1918-1925: A Story of a Pioneering Missionary Family,” edited by Samuel Chell. The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 36: 39-55 (January, 1985).

Leiren, Terje I. “Ole and the Reds: The ‘Americanism’ of Seattle Mayor Ole Hanson.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 75-95 (1985).
An analysis of the ideas of Ole Hanson, son of Norwegian immigrants, who served briefly as mayor of Seattle (1918-1919) and won national recognition because of his fight against supposedly “red” labor unions and his strong advocacy of “Americanism.”

Ljungmark, Lars. “Canada: An Alternative for Swedish Emigration to the New World, 1873-1875.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35: 253-266 (July, 1984).

McCree, Barbro Persson. “John P. Sjolander, Cedar Bayou, Texas.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 36: 239-250 (October, 1985).
Sjolander (185 1-1939) emigrated in 1871 from Hudiksvall, Sweden, to Texas, where he gained fame as a poet, primarily in the English language.

Moynihan, Daniel Patrick. “The Irish Among Us.” Readers Digest, January, 1985, 61-65.
The first article in a series on “The Peoples of America.”

Munson, Reuben M. “Win One for the Gipper.” The Norseman, 36-37 (6, 1985).
The story of Knute Rockne, All-American from Voss, Norway.

Næss, Hans Eyvind. “Utvandringen fra Rogaland til Amerika. Hvem dro til Amerika fra Rogaland på 1800-tallet?” Ætt og Heim, 1984, 97-110.
Immigration from Rogaland in the nineteenth century.

Nelson, Charles H. “John Elof Boodin, Philosopher-Poet.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35: 124-150 (April, 1984).

Nielsen, John Marken. “Our Mission to the Indians.” The Bridge, 6, 2: 5-17 (1983).
An account of a Danish Immigrant Churches Mission to the Cherokee Indians in 1892.

“Norwegian Texans: The Norwegian Migration to Texas.” The Norseman, 36-38 (2, 1985).

O’Connor, David E. “The Swedish Element in Connecticut.” The Swedish-American Historical Journal, 36: 275-299 (October, 1985).
The great wave of Swedish migration to Connecticut occurred during a thirty-year period, between the mid-1880s and the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

Olsson, Nils William. “Emigrant Traffic on the North Sea.” Swedish-American Genealogist, 4: 158-163 (December, 1984).

Olsson, Nils William. “The Diary of an Early Swede with a Texas Connection.” Swedish-American Genealogist, 3: 1-18 (March, 1983).

Petersen, Peter L. “A New Church in a New Land: The Founding of Det danske evangeliske lutherske Kirkesamfund i Amerika.” The Bridge, 7, 2: 5-21 (1984).

Pickle, Linda S. “Stereotypes and Reality: Nineteenth-Century German Women in Missouri.” Missouri Historical Review, 79:291-312 (April, 1985).

Rischin, Moses. “Marcus Lee Hansen: America’s First Transethnic Historian.” The Bridge, 7, 2: 22-52 (1984).
Hansen “was the first and only American historian between the two world wars to conceptualize, legitimate, and give stature and universality to the ethnic dimensions of American life, at least in its European aspects.”

Rosten, Leo. “The Jews Among Us.” Readers Digest, March, 1985, 153-160.
The second article in “The Peoples of America” series.

Rowan, Carl T. “The Blacks Among Us.” Readers Digest, June, 1985, 72-76.
The third article in “The Peoples of America” series.

Salmonsen, Morris. “Lægepraksis i Chicago.” The Bridge, 7, 2:53-68 (1983).
Morris (Moritz) Salmonsen was a prominent native of Copenhagen who spent the years 1872-1912 in Chicago. This article about medical practices among the Scandinavians in Chicago is taken from his book, Brogede minder. Fra fyrreogtyve års ophold i Chicago (Varied memories from a forty years stay in Chicago), (Copenhagen, 1913).

Sandal, Per. “Emigrasjonshistoria i bygdebøkene.” Heimen, 22, 4:213-2 18 (1985).
A discussion of the treatment of emigration in Norwegian local histories.

Scott, Larry Emil. “The Poetry of Agnes Mathilde Wergeland.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 273-292 (1985).

Scott, Franklin D. “Changing Swedish Attitudes Toward America and Emigrants.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35:297-308 (July, 1984).

Selkurt, Claire. “The Domestic Architecture and Cabinetry of Luther Valley.” Norwegian-American Studies, 30: 247-272 (1985).
“The purpose of this article is to recreate aspects ... of the material culture, the buildings and furniture of Luther Valley [Wisconsin] during the early period of settlement, as well as to show the persistence of certain Norwegian traditions.

Semmingsen, Ingrid. “Kontakten med Amerika.” Nordmanns-Forbundet, 106-108 (4, 1984).
A sketch of the cultural relations between Norway and Norwegian America. The author suggests that Norway could and should have done more to strengthen these relations.

Setterdahl, Lilly. “Microfilming of Swedish-American Newspapers.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35: 65-76 (January, 1984).

Smedvig, Hjördis. “Utvandrernes Professor.” The Norseman, 2 1-22 (3, 1985).
An article about Professor Ingrid Semmingsen of Oslo University, who is her country’s leading authority on Norwegian emigration to America. Reprinted from Stavanger Aftenblad.

Steen, Roald. “John Hanson i Forest City.” Nordmanns-Forbundet, 104-105 (4, 1984).
The story of the man who founded the Winnebago industry.

Stegner, Wallace. “The Scandinavians Among Us.” Readers Digest, October, 1985, 130-134.
The fourth in the series “The Peoples of America.”

Trautman, F., trans. and ed. “Johan Georg Kohl: A German Traveler in Minnesota Territory.” Minnesota History, 49:127-139 (Winter, 1984).

Vanberg, Bent. “Lawrence Olav Hauge.” The Norseman, 39 (2, 1985).
Introducing the president of the Norwegian-American Historical Association and his many contributions to Norwegian-American activities in the Midwest.

Vecoli, Rudolph J. “The Formation of Chicago’s ‘Little Italies.’” Journal of American Ethnic History, 2: 5-20 (Spring, 1983).

Wiken, Erik. “New Light on the Erik Janssonists’ Emigration, 1845-1854.” The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 35:221-238 (July, 1984).

Wright, Rochelle. “From Emigrant to Immigrant: America and Americanization in Scandinavian Song and Tradition.” Scandinavian Studies, 57:3 10-324 (Summer, 1985).

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