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John Higham, John Martin Vincent Professor of History at the Johns Hopkins University, has written or edited an impressive number of significant works. His study Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism 1860-1925, published in 1955, is a classic on this subject and has appeared in many editions. Higham’s masterful examination of American ethnic history, Send These To Me: Jews and Other Immigrants in Urban America, in 1975, was released in 1984 in a revised version.

Carl H. Chrislock, professor emeritus of history, Augsburg College, and a member of the Association’s board of publications, is a recognized expert on Progressivism in the Middle West. He is currently researching the papers of the Minnesota Commission of Public Safety, in existence from April 1917 until 1918, and preparing a book on the Commission for the Minnesota Historical Society.

Christen T. Jonassen is professor emeritus of sociology at the Ohio State University and the author of six books. His most recent work is Value Systems and Personality in a Western
Civilization: Norwegians in Europe and America (Columbus, 1983).

Arlow W. Andersen, professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a member of the Association’s board of publications, has written widely on Norwegian immigrant life. He has just completed a book-length manuscript on American government and politics in the Norwegian immigrant press during the period 1876 to 1925.

John R. Jenswold is a graduate student of history at the University of Connecticut. He is completing a doctoral dissertation on the Norwegian-American urban experience titled “‘The Hidden Settlement’: Norwegian Americans Encounter the City, 1880-1930.”

Deborah L. Miller is research supervisor at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul. In 1985 she was the recipient of a Norwegian government fellowship that allowed her to study Norwegian-American photographs in Norwegian collections.

Odd S. Lovoll is the Association’s editor. He is currently on a two-year leave of absence from his academic position at St. Olaf College to research and write a history of the Norwegians in Chicago from the 1830s to the 1930s. His most recent publication is The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People (Minneapolis, 1984).

Orm Øverland is professor of American literature at the University of Bergen and editor of American Studies in Scandinavia. He is currently researching Norwegian-American literature and preparing a book on this topic.

Ingrid Semmingsen was professor of American history at the University of Oslo. She pioneered in emigration studies in Scandinavia with her two-volume work Veien mot vest (The Way West), 1941 and 1950, and she continues to lecture and publish in this field. Semmingsen has contributed to this series in the past.

Janet E. Rasmussen teaches in the Scandinavian Area Studies Program and is Humanities Dean at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma. She is preparing a book based on oral interviews titled “New Land - New Lives: Scandinavian Women in the Pacific Northwest.”

Einar Haugen, emeritus Victor S. Thomas Professor of Scandinavian and linguistics in Harvard University, and a member of the Association’s board of publications, has published and lectured extensively within his field and the related areas of Norwegian-American history and literature. In 1983 he published Ole Edvart Rölvaag.

Rolf H. Erickson is the Circulation Services Librarian at Northwestern University Library and Second Vice President of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

C. A. Clausen is a member of the Association’s board of publications and a regular contributor to its publication program. Since volume 19 in 1956 he has prepared lists of recent publications of interest to the Association’s readers.

Johanna Barstad is a librarian at the university library in Oslo. She has published a list of the holdings of the university library pertaining to Norwegian-American subjects, Litteratur om utvandringen fra Norge til Nord-Amerika (Oslo, 1975).

Charlotte Jacobson is the Association’s archivist. She continues to receive and process significant historical documents.


Executive Board

Lawrence O. Hauge, Edina, Minnesota, President
Roy N. Thorshov, Minneapolis, Minnesota, First Vice President
Roll H. Erickson, Evanston, Illinois, Second Vice President
Arthur E. Andersen, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
Lloyd Hustvedt, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
Ruth Hanold Crane, Northfield, Minnesota, Assistant Secretary
Charlotte Jacobson, Northfield, Minnesota, Archivist
Odd S. Lovoll, Northfield, Minnesota, Editor
Mary R. Hove, Northfield, Minnesota, Editorial Assistant
Deborah L. Miller, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Editorial Assistant
Kay J. Carr, Chicago, Illinois, Research Assistant
Jostein Molde, Northfield, Minnesota, Research Assistant
Samuel Abrahamsen, New York, New York
Oscar A. Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Henning C. Boe, Seattle, Washington
J. R. Christianson, Decorah, Iowa
Reidar Dittmann, Northfield, Minnesota
Kjetil A. Flatin, Oslo, Norway
Svein Gilje, Seattle, Washington
Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas
Alf Lunder Knudsen, Seattle, Washington
William J. Korsvik, Wilmette, Illinois
Robert L. Lillestrand, Edina, Minnesota
Elsie M. Melby, Duluth, Minnesota
Laurel Neidig, Wilmette, Illinois
Marion J. Nelson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lois M. Rand, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Janet E. Rasmussen, Tacoma, Washington
Rolf A. Syrdal, Northfield, Minnesota
Harry J. Williams, Chicago, Illinois

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