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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by C. A. Clausen with Norwegian listings
by Johanna Babstad (Volume 30: Page 293)


AGER, WALDEMAR. Sons of the Old Couatry. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1983. 255 pp. Translated by Trygve M. Ager, with a foreword by Odd S. Lovoll.
"Ager gives a vivid description of the early Norwegian settlers, their struggles and triumphs, the
slow and painful process of assimilation and, finally, their trials in the battlefields, hospitals, and prisons in the South during the Civil War."

AHOLA, DAVID JOHN. Finnish-Americans and International Communism: A Study of Finnish-American Communism from Bolshevization to the Demise of the Third International. Washington, D.C., 1981. ix, 346 pp.

ARNDT, KARL J. R. Economy on the Ohio 1826-1834. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1984. xxii, 1056 pp.
A documented history of the Harmony Society during its period of greatest influence.

ÅSVANG, ARNT O. Emigranter. Vevelstad-fjerdinger som dro mot vest 1869-1930. Forvik, Norway,
Emigration from the community of Vevelstad in northern Norway.

BERGENDOFF, CONRAD. The Augustana Ministerium: A Study of the Careers of the 2,504 Pastor.s' of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod/Church 1850-1962. Rock Island, Illinois, 1980. 246 pp.
"A convenient directory of all the pastors who served the Augustana Synod through its 112 years of existence."

BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN. Land of Savagery, Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier in the Nineteenth Century. New York, 1981. xv, 364 pp.
"... the frontier [after the Civil War] was depicted as a place of opportunity, as opposed to one of perpetual mayhem. America was glad to have the newcomers; Europeans often regarded such siphoning off as an answer to their problems of overpopulation."

BLY, CAROL. Letters' From the Country. New York, 1981. vi, 184 pp.
A collection of thirty-one essays which deaf with country life near Madison, Minnesota.

BOWEN, R. H., ed. and trans. A Frontier Family in Minnesota: Letters of Theodore and Sophie Bost, 1851-1920. Minneapolis, 1981. xxv, 391 pp.

BRØNNER, HEDIN. Landkjenning: reiser i et liv. Foreword by
Johan Hambro. Oslo, 1983. 226 pp.
Reminiscences of a ranch-traveled Norwegian-American intellectual and diplomat.

BURAAS, ANDERS. De reiste ut. Oslo, 1982. 226 pp.
Essays about seven Norwegians who went to America --- most of them to stay: Agnes Wergeland, Ole Evinrude, Anders Furu-seth, Knute Rockne, Harry Irgens Larsen, Hans Christian Heg, and Ole Bull.

BURZLE, J. ANTHONY, ed. Yearbook of German-American Studies, 18. Lawrence, Kansas, 1983. 295
Nineteen articles by well-known scholars commemorating the tricentennial of German immigration to the United States; also bibliography of items published on German-Americana in 1982.

CHRISTIANSON, J. R. AND BIRGITTE, eds. and trans. The Dream of America. Mankato, Minnesota,
An adaptation for American readers of seven Danish studies of European emigration. Individual volumes are:
EVOLD, BENT. They Came to America. 96 pp.
The experiences of Axel Brandt, who immigrated at the age of seventeen and settled in a Danish community in Minnesota where he spent the rest of his life.

HVIDT, KRISTIAN. The Westward Journey. 91 pp.
Living conditions aboard the ships and railway cars which brought the immigrants to the American West.

KOUSTRUP, SØREN. Ireland in Flight. 99 pp.
A discussion of the adverse conditions in Ireland which caused the great emigration to America.

KOUSTRUP, SØREN. Shattered Dreams: Joe Hill. 69 pp.
The life story of the legendary Swedish-American labor agitator and writer of protest songs.

KRUSTRUP, ERIK V. Gateway to America: New York City. 71 pp.
New York City as seen and experienced by the numerous immigrants who settled there.

SKOVMAND, SVEN. America Forever. 94 pp.
A discussion of the various forces which gave rise to the America fever.

SKOVMAND, SVEN. Europe and the Flight to America. 77 pp.
An analysis of the causes for the exodus to America.

DAVIS, JOHN L. The Danish Texans. San Antonio, 1979. 122 pp.
A volume in the series of studies concerning ethnic groups in Texas published by the University
of Texas Institute of Texan Culture.

DEBLANC, SVEN. Samuels döttrar. Stockholm, 1982. 335 pp.
"For those particularly interested in emigration and immigration, Samuels döttrar is far more
than an absorbing story about believable human beings. It will help explain situations at home in Sweden that led to emigration, and it presents not only what the emigrant left but what she came to, in this instance Manitoba.''

DINER, HASIA R. Erin's Daughters in America. Baltimore, 1983. xvi, 185 pp.
A history of Irish immigrant women in the nineteenth century.

DUNAE, P. A. Gentleman Emigrants: From the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier. Vancouver, 1981. 276 pp.
"It makes a signal contribution to our knowledge of certain English influences which students of the nation have always as-stoned to be central to the Canadian experience."

DURIEUX, MARCEL. Ordinary Heroes: The Journal of a French Settler in Alberta. Edmonton,
Alberta, 1980. xviii, 115 pp.
"The 'ordinary heroes' of this journal are the members of the Charles Durieux family who homesteaded near Stettler, Alberta, in 1906."

DURNBAUGH, DONALD F. The Brethren Encyclopedia. Philadelphia, 1983.2 vols., 1402 pp.
Information on those religious bodies that trace their origin to the Brethren movement which
began in Germany in 1708 and includes the various Brethren, Dunkard, and Old German Baptist churches in the United States.

ENGEN, ARNFINN, ed. Utvandringa -- der store oppbrotet. Oslo, 1978. 186 pp.
Ten articles by Norwegian scholars on aspects of immigration.

ENGLEMAN, RUTH. Leaf House: Days of Remembering. NewYork, 1982. 245 pp.
"A warm yet unsentimental account of the author's childhood in a tiny Finnish settlement in

ENQUIST, ANNA. Scandia -- Then and Now. Scandia, Minnesota, 1982. 200 pp.
"The story of Scandia in Washington county, the first permanent Swedish settlement in Minnesota, founded in 1850, told by the acknowledged expert on the subject."

FOSS, H. A. Husmannsgutten. Afterword by Liv Kristin Asheim. Olso, 1984. 176 pp.
New edition of the popular immigrant novel.

GALLO, P. J. Old Bread, New Wine: A Portrait of the Italian-Americans. Chicago, 1981. xi, 365 pp.

GARCIA, MARIO J. Desert Immigrants: The Mexicans of E1 Paso, 1880-1920. New Haven, 1981, xii,
316 pp.

GIESKE, M. L. Minnesota Farmer-Laborism: The Third-Party Alternative. Minneapolis, 1979. ix, 389
Men like Henrik Shipstead, Floyd B. Olson, and Elmer Benson were prominent leaders in the third-party movement.

GRIFFIN, W. D. Portrait of the Irish in America. New York, 1981. xi, 260 pp.
Guide to Swedish-American Archival and Manuscript Sources in the United States. Chicago, 1983. xxx,
600 pp.

HALE, FREDERICK, ed. and trans. Danes in North America. Seattle, 1984. 256 pp.
A collection of immigrant letters written by Danes in America.

HALE, FREDERICK. Danes in Wisconsin. Madison, 1981.32 pp.

HALE, N. C. The Spirit of Man: The Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard. Austin, Texas, 1983. 159 pp. Photographs by Amy Binder.

HARNEY, R. F. and SCARPACI, J. V., eds. Little Italics in North America. Toronto, 1981. 210 pp.
"There are discussions of 'Little Italics' in Montreal and Toronto, in addition to treatment of those
in various parts of the United States."

HAUGE, ALFRED. Cleng Peerson. Møte med vandringsmannen. Stavanger, 1983.99 pp.
English edition entitled The True Saga of Cleng Peerson (Dallas, Texas, 1982).

HAUGEN, EINAR. Ole Edvart Rølvaag. Boston, 1983. 164 pp.
Volume 455 in Twayne's United States Authors Series. "The book is a well-researched critical study of Rølvaag... who burst upon the American literary scene in 1927 with Giants in the Earth."

HEDBLOM, FALKE. Svenska-Amerika Berettar. Stockholm, 1982. 186 pp.
During the 1960s Hedblom and Torsten Ordeus visited Swedish America with the most modern
recording equipment in order to study Swedish dialects which might be better preserved here than in Sweden. This book covers Swedish-American life from early pioneer days to the 1960s.

HEILBUT, ANTHONY. Exiled in Paradise: German Refugee Artists and Intellectuals in America from the 1930s to the Present. New York, 1983. xiv, 506 pp.
Especially about refugees from Nazi Germany and their adaptation to American life.

HERSCHER, URI D. Jewish Agricultural Utopias in America, 1880-1910. Detroit, 1981. 197 pp.
"Herscher draws an interesting comparison between the success of the kibbutzim of Israel and the failure of the American collectivist ideal."

HOERDER, DIRK, ed. American Labor and Immigration Hi.stony, 1877-1920s: Recent European Research. Urbana, Illinois, 1983. ix. 286 pp.

HOVDHAUGEN, EINAR. Utvandringa til Amerika frå Ringebu. Ringebu, Norway, 1983. xiii, 177 pp.
Immigration from the community of Ringebu, Norway.

HOVELSEN, LEIF. The Flying Norseman. Ishpeming, Michigan, 1983. 132 pp.
An account by his son of the life of Carl Hovelsen, a Norwegian skier who later came to America where he promoted the skiing sport for many years.

HUNNESTAD, STEINAR. Prærien i vest. Oslo, 1980. 215 pp.
Account of a journey across America, including visits to areas of Norwegian settlement.

HUSEBOE, ARTHUR R., ed. Siouxland Heritage. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1982.92 pp.
This volume contains articles by "Einar Haugen, Fredrick Manfred, and John Milton on the history and culture of South Dakota with its strong Scandinavian and largely Norwegian contributions."

HUTCHINSON, E. P. Legislative History of American Immigration Policy, 1798-1965. Philadelphia,
1981. xv, 685 pp.
It traces "one of America's largest and most complex bodies of legislation, perhaps exceeded only by the federal tax code."

"The Immigrant in America." Research Publications, Woodbridge, Connecticut.
"A major microfilm collection covering the field of immigration history and ethnic studies to 1929, with the first and most complete bibliography for this period of immigration history."

JONASSEN, CHRISTEN W. Value Systems and Personality in a Western Civilization: Norwegians in Europe and America. Columbus, Ohio, 1983. 382 pp.

JONES, PETER D'A. and HOLLI, M. G., eds. Ethnic Chicago. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1981. viii, 384

KARNI, MICHAEL G., ed. Finnish Diaspora. Vol. 1, Canada, South America, Africa, Australia, Sweden; Vol. 2, United States. Toronto, 1981. 305 pp.; 319 pp.
"The contributors to Finnish Diaspora are from Canada, Finland, and the United States and represent a wide range of disciplines. Their 36 essays reflect the lively state of Finnish migrant study in all three countries."

KEIL, HARTMUT and JENTZ, JOHN B., eds. German Workers in Industrial Chicago, 1850-1910: A Comparative Perspective. DeKalb, Illinois, 1983. 252 pp.
Thirteen essays focusing on how German workers shaped the American labor movement.

KOSTIAINEN, AUVO. The Forging of Finnish-American Communism. Turku, 1978. 225 pp.
A study in ethnic radicalism.

LANTZ, MONICA, ed. Emigrantvisor. Stockholm, 1981. 144 pp.
A selection of songs which "deal with the emigration to North America during the second half of
the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century."

LARSEN, ARTHUR C. Next Year will be Better. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1980. 200 pp.
Life in a Danish rural community in northeastern Montana during the years 1908-1922.

LARSEN, ULLA M. En kvantitativ undersögelse af udvandringen fra Danmark til USA 1870-1913. Odense, Denmark, 1979. 157 pp.
"An econometric study of emigration from Denmark to the United States."

LOFGREN, JOHN Z. The American Swedish Institute. Minneapolis, 1979.48 pp.
A booklet with text and pictures about the institute and its mansion in Minneapolis.

LOKEN, GULBRAND. From Fjord to Frontier: A History of the Norwegians in Canada. Toronto,
1980. 264 pp.

LOVOLL, ODD S. Det løfterike landet. Oslo, 1983. 230 pp.
"A major contribution to the history of Norwegian emigration and of Norwegians in North

LOVOLL, ODD S., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 29. Northfield, Minnesota, 1983. 402 pp.
Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles. "Seven of the twelve essays in the present collection are devoted to the Norwegian background, based on investigation of local communities throughout Norway."

LOVOLL, ODD S. The Promise of America. Minneapolis, 1984. 239 pp.
English version of Det løfterike lander.

LOWITT, RICHARD, ed. Journal of a Tamed Bureaucrat: Nils A. Olsen and the B A E, 1925-1935.
Ames, Iowa, 1980. viii, 245 pp.
A native of Illinois of Norwegian ancestry, Olsen joined the Bureau of Agricultural Economics in 1923 and in 1928 became its chief.

MAC HAFFIE, INGEBORG NIELSEN. Danish in Portland, 1882-1982. Tigard, Oregon, 1983. 287 pp.

MCCORMICK, R. ALLEN, ed. Germans in America: Aspects of German-American Relations in the Nineteenth Century. New York, 1983. 203 pp.

MOLLER, ARVID. Høvding Herman. Fortellingen om Herman Smith-Johannsen. Oslo, 1980. 150 pp.
Norwegian pioneer in skiing in the United States and Canada.

MOLTMANN, GÜNTER, ed. Germans to America: 300 Years of Imigration, 1683-1983. Stuttgart,
1982. 192 pp.

MOORE, DEBORAH. B'nai B'rith and the Challenge of Ethnic Leadership. Albany, New York, 1981.
xvi, 288 pp.
"B'nai B'rith is the oldest secular Jewish organization in the United States and as such is as diverse as American Jewry itself."

MØRCK, GEORGE HJALMAR. My American Roots. 3rd edition.Oslo, 1983. 113 pp.

NAG, MARTIN. Det indre lys. Strand-kvekerne --- deres nærmiljø i Ryfylke og i Amerika. Foreword by Wilhelm Aarek. Ås, Norway, 1983. 506 pp.
History of the Quakers from Strand in Ryfylke, Norway, both there and in America.

NERGÅRD, LARS. Utvandrarhistorie frå Rindal. Rindal, Norway, 1977. 127 pp.
History of immigration from the community of Rindal in Trøndelag, Norway.

OLSON, J. S. The Ethnic Dimension in American History. New York, 1979. xxv, 440 pp.
"Olson has included not only the familiar immigrant groups in his analysis, but also those -- Africans, Mexicans, and native Americans -- who have been incorporated into the American population by conquest and three."

OLSON, MORGAN A., trans. Rollin Olson, Civil War Letters. Minneapolis, 1981 (?). 161 pp.
Letters written by a member of the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, "The Norwegian Regiment," translated by his grandson.

OLSON, NELS. Time in Many Places: Wood Has Been Kind to Me. St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1980. 206
The autobiography of a Norwegian immigrant whose work as lumberjack, mill worker, boat builder, and general carpenter took him to many places in Wisconsin and Michigan. "Olson's story is one of regional interest, told in a comfortable style."

OLSSON, NILS WILLIAM. Swedish Passenger Arrivals in U.S. Ports, 1820-1850 (except New York). St. Paul, Minnesota, 1979. 139 pp.
This volume supplements the author's earlier work: Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York,

OUDENSTAD, HALVARD. Utvandringen til Amerika fra Biri, Snertingdal, Vardal, Gjøvik 1846-1915. Gjøvik, Norway, 1982. viii, 599 pp.
Immigration from communities along the western shore of Lake Mjøsa in Norway.

PAP, LEO. The Portuguese-Americans. Boston, 1981. 300 pp.

PINZKE, NANCY LINDBERG. Faces of Utopia: A Bishop Hill Family Album. Bishop Hill, Illinois,
1983 (?). 48 pp.
This album brings us face to face with members of the famous Swedish Utopian community at Bishop Hill, Illinois.

RILEY, GLENDA. Frontierswomen, the Iowa Experience. Ames, Iowa, 1981. 210 pp.
"Professor Riley attempts to make some sense of immigrator and black women's frontier lives."

RØLVAAG, O. E. Peder Victorious: A Tale of the Pioneers: Twenty Years Later. Lincoln, Nebraska,
1982. vii, 325 pp.

ROSENDAHL, PETER J. Han Ola og han Per. Edited by Joan N. Buckley and Einar Haugen. Oslo,
1984. 165 pp.
Distributed in the United States by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

ROSENSTAND, HOLGER. From the Land of the Great Lakes: Pioneer Days in Michigan. Des Moines, Iowa, 1981. 118 pp. Translated by Rev. Willard R. Garred.
The experiences and observations of a Danish Lutheran pastor in the Great Lakes area during the 1870s.

Scandinavia Today Minnesota. Minneapolis, .1983. 218 pp.
This special issue of Twin Cities magazine (5:8, 1982/1983), published in connection with the
year-long "Scandinavia Today" events of 1982-1983, contains "articles on Scandinavian cultural and intellectual life as well as historical material on the Nordic presence in the Midwest."

SELLER, MAXINE, ed. Immigrant Women. Philadelphia, 1981. x, 347 pp.
"A comprehensive and wide-ranging anthology of works by and about immigrant women."

SEYERSTAD, PER E. From Norwegian Romantic to American Realist: Studies in the Life and Writings of Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen. Foreword by Mare Ratner and eight essays by Boyesen. Oslo, 1984. 192 pp.

SJURSEN, JOHN ALFRED. Utvandrerne fra Vossestrand 1843-1926. Etterkommere i U.S.A., slektninger i Norge. Bergen, 1980. 3 vols., 54, 32, 37 pp.
Immigrants from Vossestrand, Norway, their descendants in America, and their relatives in Norway.

SKARKEBUD, OSKAR. Amerikaminner: fra skogen, prærien og nybyggerlivet 1904-1912. Gjøvik,
Norway, 1983. 203 pp.
Reminiscences of an immigrant who returned to Norway.

SKOUEN, ARNE. Sigrid Undset skriver hjem. En vandring gjennom emigrantårene i Amerika. Oslo,
1982. 149 pp.
Letters written from America by the renowned Norwegian novelist.

SOWELL, THOMAS. Ethnic America: A History. New York, 1981. 353 pp.

SPEISMAN, S. A. The Jews of Toronto. Toronto, 1980. iv, 380 PP.
"Between 1881 and 1931 Toronto's Jewish population increased from 534 to 45,305; even more significant was the growlng religious and ethnic diversity within the Jewish community."

STAFFORD, KATE and NAESS, HARALD, trans, and eds. On Both Sides of the Ocean: A Part of Per
Hagen's Journey. Northfield, Minnesota, 1984.70 pp.
Volume 10 of the Norwegian-American Historical Association's Travel and Description Series. "Though assuming the format of a historical novel, the narrative has an authentic quality, casting light on social conditions both in Norway and among Norwegian immigrants in America."

STRØM, ELIN and HERVIG, WENCHE. Reisen til Amerika. Oslo, 1984.80 pp.
English edition is titled Norwegians in America.

STUHAUG, OMMUND G. m. En nordmann blir amerikaner. For-tellingen om en norsk bondegutt som emigrerte til Amerika og fant sin livsførsel der, men som aldri kan glemme Norge. New York, 1976. 159 pp.
Life story of a Norwegian Farm boy who immigrated to the United States.

SUTHERLAND, D. E. Americans and their Servants: Domestic Service in the United States from 1800 to 1920. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1981. 229 pp.
Irish, German, and Scandinavian immigrants provided a large percentage of domestic servants during the period covered.

SYVERSEN, ODD MAGNAR. Norge i Texas. Et bidrag til norsk emigrasjonshistorie. Part I by Odd
Magnar Syversen, part II by Derwood Johnson and Odd Magnar Syversen. Stange, Norway, 1982.
526 pp.
History of Norwegian immigration to Texas, 1835-1900, with chronological listing and biographical sketches of immigrants.

VEIRS, KRISTINA, ed. Nordic Heritage Northwest. Seattle, 1982. 159 pp. Photographs by Scotty Sapiro and text by Nancy Hausauer.

WHALBERG, GERON g. Wagon Trails. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1980. 68 pp.
The author, who came to Canada from Sweden in 1905 at the age of two, seeks to give "a glimpse of pioneer life in rural Saskatchewan.''

WUST, KLAUS and MOOS, HEINZ. Three Hundred Years of German Immigrants in North America. Baltimore, 1983. 185 pp.


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Memories of pioneering in Montana and North Dakota, 1889-1907.

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ANGIER, KATE. "Artist Floyd Johnson -- A Viking's Vision." Sons of Norway Viking, 81:38-42
(February, 1984).
A well-known Norwegian-American artist who "expresses his Scandinavian background through painting" though legally blind.

ARESTAD, SVERRE. "Sigbj0rn Obstfelder and America." Norwe-gian-American Studies, 29:253-292 (1983).
The experiences of a famous Norwegian poet in America as revealed in letters to his brother, 1890-1892.

BACKLUND, OSCAR J. "Childhood Dreams and Youthful Visions.'' Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, 34:49-69 (1983). Translated by C. George Ericson.
Reminiscences of a prominent Swedish-American pastor, poet, and journalist.

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Christian Fenger (1840-1902) was a Danish-born and educated surgeon who came to Chicago in 1877 and made his name as a pathologist.

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Autobiographical sketch of a prominent Danish-American architect who helped to build the cities, industries, and transportation systems of Oregon and Washington one hundred years ago.

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Jens Jensen (1860-1951) came from Denmark to Chicago in 1886 and soon became a leading member of the "Prairie School" as artist, architect, and city planner.

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A compilation of books and articles published largely during the years 1978-1982 dealing with immigration history.

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Two Civil War letters. Other Civil War letters by Dokken appear in Hallingen, December, 1982, and March, 1983.

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Martin Allwood, who through his many writings and translations has done much to further cultural communications between the English-speaking and the Scandinavian-speaking worlds.

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History of two Halling families in America.

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"Home of the Pioneers." The Norseman, 40-41 (2, 1982).
The parsonage at Snåsa in North Trøndelag was the childhood home of two prominent Norwegian-American immigrants: Ole Rynning, author of the influential book, True Account of America, and Bernt Julius Muus, founder of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

"I Skied Better 100 Years Ago." The Norseman, 54 (2, 1983).
A biographical sketch of Herman Smith-Johannsen, age 108, who helped popularize skiing in Canada.

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The founders of the famous Gundersen Clinic in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

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These reminiscences of a young Swedish immigrant are continued in the following issue of the Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, pp. 183-206.

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