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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by C. A. Clausen (Volume 29: Page 359)


ADELMAN, CLARICE OLSON. From this Valley. Staples, Minnesota, 1981. 124 pp.
". . . poignant collection of stories about one family's life in the 1930s and 1940s on a Scandinavian farm in the Red River Valley."

BARTON, H. ARNOLD. Brev från löftets land. Svenskar berättar om Amerika, 1840-1914. Stockholm, 1979. iii, 336 pp.
This is a Swedish version of the original volume, Letters from the Promised Land, published in 1975.

BARTON, H. ARNOLD. The Search for Ancestors: A Swedish-American Family Saga. Carbondale, Illinois, 1979. xi, 178 pp.
"Historians who view genealogy with condescension would do well to examine this model combination of history and genealogy.

BERNARD, RICHARD M. The Melting Pot and the Altar: Marital Assimilation in Early Twentieth-Century Wisconsin. Minneapolis, 1980. xxviii, 162 pp.
. . . . in a careful study of intermarriage rates among Wisconsin's major ethnic groups, the author demonstrates that the melting pot was alive and bubbling in the pre-World War I era."

BJORK, KENNETH O., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 28. Northfield, Minnesota, 1979. 367 pp.
Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles.

BLY, ROBERT. The Man in the Black Coat Turns. New York, 1981. 62 pp.
A new collection of poems by a prominent American poet of Norwegian roots. Besides his numerous original works he has translated extensively from foreign literatures, including the Scandinavian.

BRUFLOT, ARNFINN. Dei kom til Amerika. Oslo, 1975. 46 pp.
They came to America. A collection of poems by a Norwegian-American poet dealing with Norwegians who came to America from 1825 to 1975. Dedicated to the sesquicentennial of Norwegian immigration.

BRUFLOT, ARNFINN. Inn i Amerika. Oslo, 1980. 174 pp.
A novel about Norwegian immigrants to the west coast of America.

BULL, INEZ. Ole Bull's Activities in the United States Between 1843 and 1880. Smithtown, New York, 1981. 115 pp.

CARLSEN, ERLING N. First Lutheran Congregation, Blair, Wisconsin, 1879-1979: An Historical Sketch. Blair, Wisconsin, 1979. 30 pp.

CASO, ADOLPH. They Also Made America Great: Lives of the Italian Americans. Boston, 1978. 175 pp.
CHRISLOCK, CARL H. Ethnicity Challenged: The Upper Midwest Norwegian-American Experience in World War I. Northfield, 1981. 174 pp.

CLAUSEN, C. A., trans. A Chronicler of Immigrant Life: Svein Nilsson's Articles in Billed-Magazin, 1868-1870. North-field, 1982. 171 pp.

DAVID, JOHN L. The Danish Texans. San Antonio, 1979. 122 pp.

DIGGINS, JOHN P. The Bard of Savagery: Thorstein Veblen and Modern Social Theory. New York, 1978. xiii, 257 pp.
Thorstein Veblen was the son of Norwegian immigrant parents.

DIMONT, MAX I. The Jews in America: The Roots, History and Destiny of American Jews. New York, 1978. 286 pp.

DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD and REIMER, DAVID M. Ethnic Americans: A History of Immigration and Assimilation. New York, 1977. xv, 184 pp.

DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD et al. Natives and Strangers: Ethnic Groups and the Building of America. New York, 1977. xiv, 333 pp.
. . . . the volume's ten chapters concentrate primarily on the experiences of blacks, Indians, and immigrants.

Elling Eielsen Sundve, 1804-1883. Voss, Norway, 1980. 112 pp.
A collection of lectures given at an Eielsen seminar in Voss, Norway, August 3-5, 1979. There are contributions by H. Chr. Mamen, Anders Ohnstad, Ansgar Søvik, Alfred Hauge, Halldor Sandvin, and Knut Bjørgaas.

GLASRUD, CLARENCE A. and RANKIN, DIANA M., eds. A Heritage Deferred: The German-Americans in Minnesota. Moor-head, Minnesota, 1981. 168 pp.

HANSEN, THORVALD. School in the Woods: The Story of an Immigrant Seminary. Askov, Minnesota, 1977. x, 150 pp.
The story of the West Denmark Seminary (1888-1892) on Little Butternut Lake in West Denmark, Wisconsin.

HASSELMO, NILS, ed. Perspectives on Swedish Immigration: Proceedings of the International Conference on the Swedish Heritage in the Upper Midwest, April 1-3, 1976. Chicago, 1978. 349 pp.

HOLAND, HJALMAR R. Coon Prairie. Decorah, Iowa, 1977. 305 pp.
An historical report of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation originally written in Norwegian on the occasion of its 75th anniversary in 1927. The present edition was translated into English by Oivind M. Hovde.

HOLMQUIST, JUNE DRENNING, ed. They Chose Minnesota: A Survey of the State's Ethnic Groups. St. Paul, 1981. 614 pp.
Contains essays on the Norwegians by Carlton C. Qualey and Jon A. Gjerde, the Swedes by John G. Rice, the Danes and Icelanders by Ann Regan, and the Finns and Swede-Finns by Timo Riippa. The book is a result of a project initiated at the Minnesota Historical Society by Carlton C. Qualey in 1973. There is information on sixty ethnic groups that settled in Minnesota.

HUNNESTAD, STEINAR. Prærien i vest. Oslo, 1980. 215 pp.
An illustrated volume about life in the United States.

HUSEBOE, ARTHUR R., ed. Big Sioux Pioneers: Essays about the Settlement of the Dakota Prairie Frontier. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1980. 88 pp.
Big Sioux country is the locale of Rolvaag's pioneer novels. Three of the essays in the volume concern Rolvaag and his works.

KASTHUP, ALLAN and OLSSON, NILS WILLIAM, eds. Partners in Progress: A Chapter in the American-Swedish Exchange of Knowledge. St. Paul, 1977. 338 pp.
. . . . compilation of the personal accounts of 24 leading Swedish scholars, scientists, and educators of their experiences in the United States."

KELLER, PHYLLIS. States of Belonging: German-American Intellectuals and the First World War. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1979. 324 pp.
"Keller approaches the topic through the study of three prominent German-American intellectuals - Hugo Muncterberg, George Sylvester Viereck, and Hermann Hagedorn."

KERO, REINO. Migration from Finland to North America in the years between the United States Civil War and the First World War. Turku, Finland, 1974. 260 pp.

KESSNER, THOMAS. The Golden Door: Italian and Jewish Immigrant Mobility in New York City, 1880-1915. New York, 1977. xxvi, 224 pp.

KESSNER, THOMAS. Today's Immigrants, Their Stories: A New Look at the Newest Americans. New York, 1981. 318 pp.
Vietnamese, Korean, Latinos, Russian Jews, and others -talk about their experiences, their frustration, and their dreams.

KIRK, GORDON W. The Promise of American Life: Social Mobility in a Nineteenth Century Immigrant Community, Holland, Michigan, 1847-1 894. Philadelphia, 1978. 164 pp.

KOSTIAINEN, AUVO. The Forging of Finnish-American Communism, 191 7-1924. A Study in Ethnic Radicalism. Turku, Finland, 1978. 225 pp.

KRALJIC, FRANCES. Croatian Migration to and from the United States, 1900-1914. Palo Alto, California, 1978. vii, 113 pp.

LANGHOLM, SIVERT and SEJERSTED, FRANCIS, eds. Vandringer. Festskrift til Ingrid Semmingsen. Oslo, 1980. xiii, 252 pp.
A Festschrift for the noted Norwegian historian who has done monumental work in the field of emigration-immigration history. The articles in the book are devoted largely to studies of Norwegian demography.

LEXT, GØSTA. Studier rorande svensk emigration till Amerika, 1850-1880. Gothenburg, 1977. 360 pp.
Swedish emigration to America during the years 1850-1880.

LJUNGMARK, LARS. Swedish Exodus, Carbondale, Illinois, 1979. 165 pp.
A translation and revision by Kermit B. Westerberg of the original Swedish edition published in 1965.

LOVOLL, ODD S., ed. Makers of An Immigrant Legacy: Essays in Honor of Kenneth O. Bjork. Northfield, 1980. xvii, 223 pp.
The collection of essays discusses the contributions of well-known Norwegian-American individuals to American life.

LUEBKE, FREDERICK C., ed. Ethnicity on the Great Plains. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981. xxxiii, 237 pp.
A series of essays covering experiences of ethnic groups from Saskatchewan to Texas.

MCKNIGIIT, ROGER. Moberg's Emigrant Novels and the Journals of Andrew Peterson: A Study of Influences and Parallels. New York, 1979. 235 pp.

MOLLER, ARVID. Lina pa prærien. Oslo, 1979. 117 pp.
The memoirs of a Norwegian immigrant woman as related to a Norwegian journalist.

MØRCK, GEORGE HJALMAR. My American Roots. Oslo, 1980. 76 pp.
A translation of part of the author's book Slekt skalfølge slekters gang, 1980.

NAMIAS, JUNE. First Generation: Oral Histories of Twentieth-Century Americans. Boston, 1978. xviii, 234 pp.
Introduction by Robert Coles.

NELSON, PEDER H. Veien og vidden. Fortellinger fra det norske nybyggerliv i Amerika. Geilo, Norway, 1976. 106 pp.
Stories dealing with life in Norwegian pioneer communities.

NELSON, RODNEY. The Boots Brevik Saga. Alamo, California, 1978. 138 pp.
The strange saga of a Norwegian American who roamed from North Dakota to California.

NIELSEN, GEORGE. The Danish Americans. Boston, 1981. 237 pp.
This book ". . . is the first single volume study of Danish Americans in the English language."

NILSSON, SVEIN. A Chronicler of Immigrant Life: Svein Nilsson's Articles in Billed-Magazin, 1868-1870. Northfield, 1982. vii, 171 pp.
These articles were the first attempt to write the history of Norwegian immigration to America, and they have been much used by later historians. They are translated and introduced by C. A. Clausen.

NYQUIST, GERD. Bataljon 99. Oslo, 1981. 218 pp.
A history of World War II battalion made up of 931 Norwegian Americans.

PUOTINEN, ARTHUR E. Finnish Radicals and Religion in Midwestern Mining Towns, 1865-1914. New York, 1979. vii, 339 pp.

QUALEY, CARLTON C., ed. The Immigration History Newsletter.
A publication of the Immigration History Society. The Newsletter usually carries one or two lead articles and an exhaustive bibliography of current literature on immigration.

REIERSEN, JOHAN REINERT. Pathfinder for Norwegian Emigrants. Translated and introduced by Frank G. Nelson. Northfield, 1981. xi, 239 pp.
Reiersen's Veiviser for norske emigranter was originally published in Norway in 1844 and played an important role in promoting Norwegian immigration, especially to Texas.

ROLLE, ANDREW. The Italian Americans: Troubled Roots. New York, 1980. xviii, 222 pp.

SCOTT, FRANKLIN D., advisory editor, assisted by Arlow W. Andersen and H. Arnold Barton. The Scandinavians in America series. New York, 1979.
This series published by the Arno Press consists of thirty-six books in thirty-seven volumes. "It includes six books dealing with the Danes in America, five with the Finns, ten on the Norwegians, twelve on the Swedes, and three on general Scandinavian-American themes."

SCOTT, FRANKLIN D. Trans-Atlantica: Essays in Scandinavian Migration and Culture. New York, 1979. 208 pp.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID AND SEYERSTED, PER. Scandio-Americana Papers on Scandinavian Emigration to the United States. Oslo, 1980. 213 pp.

SKARD, SIGMUND. Solregn. Oslo, 1980. 309 pp.
The autobiography of the founder of the American Institute at the University of Oslo and of the European Association for American Studies.

SKARD, SIGMUND. Trans-Atlantica: Memoirs of a Norwegian Americanist. Oslo, 1978. 215 pp.

SOWELL, THOMAS, ed. American Ethnic Groups. Washington, 1978. viii, 249 pp.

STEINER, STAN. Fusang: The Chinese Who Built America. New York, 1979. xii, 259 pp.

THALLAUG, JON and ERICKSON, ROLF. Our Norwegian lmmigrants. A Hundred-Year Saga Told in Pictures. Oslo, 1979. 192 pp.

THERNSTROM, STEPHAN, ed. The Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1980. 1,076 pp.
"It's a guide to who the people of the United States are, where they came from, where their ancestors came from . . . .

Utvandrerliv: Norwegians in America. Hamar, Norway, 1981. 44 pp.
A booklet about immigrant life, published by the Emigration Museum in Hamar, Norway.

VOXLAND, MELVIN. Voxland Viking Saga: Tordal and Hafslo, Norway to Holden-Rochester, Minnesota. 1980. 49 pp.
The history of a Norwegian-American family which traces its roots back to the late Middle Ages.

WEDUL, MELVIN O. Autumn in Grandma's Woods. Winona, Minnesota, 1981. 100 pp.
"Melvin Wedul is the son of Norwegian immigrants and reports experiences related to pioneering ventures in Minnesota."


AASE, LARS. Utvandringa frà Kvinesdalen til USA. Agder historielag, Arsskrift, 1980.

ADOLFSON, SVEN. Magnus Jonasson Linnell: A Real Karl Oskar. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 34-41 (1978).
Like Karl Oskar in Moberg's famous immigrant novel, Magnus Jonasson came from Småland and settled near Chisago Lake in Minnesota.

ANDERSON, PAUL. The Olson Sisters: Popular Norwegian-American Entertainers of Yesteryear. Sons of Norway Viking (October, 1979).
"Between 1900 and 1925 Eleanora Olson and Ethel Olson were well-known figures in Scandinavian communities throughout the United States."

BANSEN, NORMAN C. The Danes in Winther's Trilogy. The Bridge, 1: 53-61 (1978).
Sophus Keith Winther's trilogy, Take all to Nebraska, Mortgage Your Heart, and This Passion Never Dies, deals with the experiences of a Danish farm family in southeastern Nebraska from the late 1890s through approximately the first quarter of the twentieth century.

BARTON, H. ARNOLD. Scandinavian-Americanists in the United States and Canada: A Preliminary Directory of Academic Scholars. Scandinavian Studies, 53: 320-341 (1981).

BEIJBOM, ULF. The Future Brightens Before Us. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 3-8 (1978).
Report on the Växjö Symposium on the preservation of sources for Swedish immigration history in North America, August, 1977.

BERGENDOFF, CONRAD. The Augustana Pastor: Saga of a Thousand Immigrants from Sweden. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 34-50 (1980).

BERN, ENID, ed. They Had a Wonderful Time: The Homesteading Letters of Anna and Ethel Erickson. North Dakota History, 45: 4-31 (Fall, 1978).

BOECKMANN, MARILYN ANDERSON. Carl L. Boeckmann: Norwegian Artist in the New World. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 309-323 (1979).
C. L. Boeckmann (1867-1923) gained considerable fame during his lifetime, especially as a portrait painter.

BØRTE, TORBJØRN. De kaller henne "Telemarka." Nordmnanns-Forbundet, 72: 154-157 (1979).
Gonil Henderson, an immigrant from Telemark, Norway, is a "ski-pioneer and legend" in Glacier National Park. "They call her 'Telemarka.'"

BROWN, GEORGE C., ed. A Swedish Traveller in Early Wisconsin: The Observations of Fredrika Bremer. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 61: 300-318 (1978).

BUCKLEY, JOAN N. Martha Ostenso: Norwegian-American Immigrant Novelist. Norwegian-American Studies, 23: 69-81 (1979).
Her major writings are realistic representations of rural midwestern United States and Canada, where she spent most of her life.

CARLSSON, STEN. John Hanson's Swedish Background. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 9-17 (1978).
John Hanson (1715(?)-1783) played a prominent part in the Continental Congress, serving for a while as its president.

CLAUSEN, C. A. Some Recent Publications. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 324-341 (1979).
A compilation of books and articles published largely during the years 1975-1978 dealing with immigrant history.

CLEVEN, HARRY T. Fra Gaupne til Grantsburg. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72: 135-136 (1979).
Knut Norenberg, immigrant from Gaupne, Sogn, became a successful business man in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.

COX, GRETE. California-skandinaviske Hate. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 75: 122-125 (1980).
An account of the colorful Scandinavian skippers who dared touch at the most dangerous points along the coast of California.

DAHLIE, JORGEN. The Feilberg Letters: A Danish Family's Reflections on Canadian Prairie Life. The Bridge, 2: 59-70 (1979), and 3: 71-88 (1980).
The letters were sent from Nokomis, Saskatchewan, between January 14, 1911, and February 3, 1914.

EIDEVALL, GUNNAR. The Swedes in Moberg's Tetralogy. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 69-78 (1978).

FARSTRUP, EINAR. Language Transition and Danish Children's Schools in the U.S. The Bridge, 5: 21-32 (1982).

FLETRE, LARS. The Vossing Correspondence Society of 1848 and the Report of Adam Løvenskjold. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 245-273 (1979).
Leading Vossings of Chicago organized a correspondence society to defend America against its detractors in Norway.

FRIMAN, AXEL. Gustaf Unonius and Pine Lake: Joining the Episcopal Church. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 21-33 (1978).
A prominent and controversial Swedish immigrant who became an Episcopalian minister.

HAGEN, MARIT GRAFF. Vâre besteforeldres dialekt fremdeles levende i det norske Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72:164-166 (1979).
A Norwegian journalist finds that Norwegian dialects and Norwegian customs are very much alive among Norwegian Americans.

HALE, FREDERICK. Norwegians, Danes, and the Origin of the Evangelical Free Tradition. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 82-108 (1979).
A discussion of the origin and the influence of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

HANSEN, JEAN SKOGERBOE. Skandinaven and the John Anderson Publishing Company. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 35-68 (1979).
Of the 570 newspapers and other periodicals started by Norwegian immigrants in North America "Skandinaven, published by the John Anderson Publishing Company in Chicago, was by far the biggest, the most influential and, until its demise in 1941, the longest-lived."

HASSING, ARNE. Methodism from America to Norway. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 192-216 (1979).
A discussion of the American origins of Methodism in Norway. History of First Lutheran Church. Hallingen, 266: 9-11 (March, 1979).
A sketch of the history of the First Lutheran Church in St. Ansgar, Iowa, which was founded by Claus Lauritz Clausen in 1853. In 1976 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

JACOBSON, CHARLOTTE. From the Archives. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 342-346 (1979).
A survey of additions to the NAHA archives during the late 1970s.

JENSEN, RUDOLF J. A Comparative Study of Sophus Keith Winther and Carl Hansen. The Bridge, 2: 19-30 (1979).
A comparative study of two trilogies dealing with Danish-American life.

JOHNSON, EMORY. Swedish Academies in Minnesota. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 32: 20-40 (1981).

JOHNSON, EMORY. Swedish Elementary Schools in Minnesota Lutheran Congregations. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 30: 172-182 (1979).

JOHNSON, MARTHA G., tr. and ed. Anders and Gustaf Månsson Lind's Letters from America, 1850-1870. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 162-181 (1980).

KAREVOLL, JOHN. Grand Old Man in San Francisco. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72: 99-101 (1979).
The many activities of Christian Blom, "the Grand Old Man" of the Norwegian colony in San Francisco.

KILDE, CLARENCE. Dark Decade: The Declining Years of Waldemar Ager. Norwegian-American Studies, 23: 157-191 (1979).
The last sad years of an outstanding Norwegian-American author, editor, and idealist.

KOSTIAINEN, AUVO. Work People's College: An American Immigrant Institution. Scandinavian Journal of History, 5:295-309 (1980).

KUNICZAK, W. S. Polonia: The Face of Poland in America. American Heritage, 29/3, 35-44 (April/May, 1978).

LEWIN, RHODA G. Stereotype and Reality in the Jewish Immigrant Experience in Minneapolis. Minnesota History, 46:258-273 (1979).

LINDBERG, DUANE H. Norwegian-American Pastors in Immigrant Fiction, 1870-1920. Norwegian-American Studies, 28:290-308 (1979).
. . . . a study of the minister's role and background in a selection of twelve Norwegian-American novels."

LINDGREN, RAYMOND E. Emigration and Migration: Scandinavian Studies in Demography. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 30: 262-276 (1979).

LJUNGMARK, LARS. Hans Mattsons Minnen: A Swedish-American Monument. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 57-68 (1978).
An analysis of the memoirs of a very prominent Swedish immigrant.

LORENTZON, BETSY. An Immigrant's Inner Conflict. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 137-142 (1978).
The trials and emotions of Lars Erickson who at the age of seventeen left Värmland, Sweden, in 1882 and settled in northern Michigan.

LOVOLL, ODD S. From Norway to America: A Tradition of Immigration Fades. Contemporary American Immigration. Dennis L. Cuddy, ed. I: 86-107. Boston, 1982.

LOVOLL, ODD S. En utvandringsagent pa Ringsaker. Heimen, xviii, 149-156 (1979).
A study of the work of an emigration agent in Ringsaker, Norway.

MAGNUSSON, GUSTAV A. The House that Proclaimed the Gospel with Type and Press. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 30: 117-128 (1979).
The story of the Augustana Book Concern in Rock Island, Illinois.

MARZOLF, MARION. The Danish-Language Press in America. The Bridge, 4: 20-30 (1981).

MARZOLF, MARION. The Danish-Language Press in America. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 274-289 (1979).
"Despite their [comparatively small] numbers the Danes had a vigorous immigrant press and started nearly a hundred publications in their language in America

MCINTOSH, HUGH E. How the Swedes Came to Paxton. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 30: 35-52 (1979).
The formation of a Swedish settlement in an Illinois prairie community.

MELLOCH, ARDITH. Life in Early New Sweden, Iowa. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 32: 124-146 (1981).

MESARIK, BERIT. Norge in Virginia. The Norseman, No. 3:66-69 (1979).
The story of a Norwegian enclave in the state of Virginia.

MORROW, PATRICK D. Rølvaag's Giants in the Earth as Tragedy. North Dakota Quarterly, Autumn, 1980, 83-90.

MORTENSON, ENOK. The Acculturation of the Danish Immigrant. The Bridge, 3: 83-91 (1980).

MUNCH, PETER A. Authority and Freedom: Controversy in Norwegian-American Congregations. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 3-34 (1979).
"It was 'freedom' bordering on anarchy pitted against the rigors of a firm church organization with its implications of ministerial authority."

MUNCH, PETER A. Norwegians. Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. Stephan Thernstrom, ed. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1980.
This is one of the contributions in this systematic review of the history, culture, and distinctive characteristics of the more than 100 ethnic groups who live in the United States.

MYHRMAN, ANDERS. The Effects of Finland-Swedish Emigration upon the Homeland. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 196-205 (1980).

MYHRMAN, ANDERS. The Finland-Swedes in America. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 16-33 (1980).

NARVESTAD, CARL. Bygdelagene i America. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 76: 51-52 (1981).

NORDSTROM, BYRON J. Evelina Mansson and the Memoirs of an Urban Labor Migrant. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 182-195 (1980).
An analysis of the memoirs of a young Swedish woman who lived in Minneapolis between 1901 and 1907.

NORELIUS, THEODORE A. Memories of Vilhelm Moberg at Chisago Lake. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 30: 53-59 (1979).
The Chisago Lake area in Minnesota is the locale of Moberg's famous immigrant tetralogy.

This special issue of the journal, edited by Playford V. Thorson, is devoted to the Norwegians in North Dakota, and contains articles by Barry Hogan, Duane R. Lindberg, Odd S. Lovoll, Playford V. Thorson, and Eric Luther Williamson.

ODDEN, EINAR. En liten Gausdal i Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72: 2-6 (1979).
"Whiskey-George' from Gausdal [Norway] founded a settlement in Minnesota," 1861.

OLSEN DOKKEN, LARS and KNUD. Two immigrants for the Union: Their Civil War Letters. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 109-135 (1979).
The Dokken brothers were members of the Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment, which consisted largely of Norwegian immigrants. The letters were translated by Della Kittelson Catuna and edited by Carol Lynn H. Knight and Gerald S. Cowden.

Or utvandrarsoga i Suldal. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72:162-163 (1979).
A brief account of the emigration from the community of Suldal to Wisconsin. Today there are said to be more people of Suldal roots in America than in Suldal, Norway.

PAULSEN, ANN HELENE. Reminiscences from a Long Life. The Bridge, 4: 56-72 (1981).
Childhood and youth in Denmark, transplantation to America, "and the struggles and rewards of immigrant family life in the new land."

PEDERSEN, ERIK HELMER. Danish Farmers in the Middle West. The Bridge, 5: 51-68 (1982).

PETERSEN, PETER L. Oslo on the Texas High Plains. Norwegian-American Studies, 28: 138-156 (1979).
A history of the rural community of Oslo located on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle.

PETERSEN, PETER L. P. S. Vig and the Americanization Issue during World War I. The Bridge, 2: 57-61 (1979).

PROESCHOLDT, KEVIN. The Demography of the New Sweden Settlement in Iowa, 1845-1880. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 32: 147-157 (1981).

RIPPLEY, LAVERN J. Conflict in the Classroom: Anti-Germanism in Minnesota Schools, 1917-19. Minnesota History, 47: 171-183 (1981).

RUUD, CURTIS. Beret and the Prairie in Giants in tile Earth. Norwegian-American Studies, 28:217-244 (1979).
A subtle interpretation of Beret's long, painful struggle with the prairie.

RYE, STEPHEN H. Danish American Political Behavior: The Case of Iowa, 1887-1936. The Bridge, 2: 31-44 (1979).

SALISBURY, ROBERT S. Swedish-American Historiography and the Question of Americanization. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 117-136 (1978).

SALLNAS, MARIE-LOUISE. Emil Meurling and Svenska Amerikanska Posten. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31:41-64 (1981).
Svenska Amerikanska Posten, published in Minneapolis, was one of the most influential Swedish-American newspapers.

SALVESEN, GEIR. Ellis Island: Drømmenes øy. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 75: 4-7 (1981).
Ellis Island, "the Isle of Dreams," as it is today and as it was during the height of immigration to the United States.

SANDAKER, ARVID. To brødre - to utvandrerskjebner. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 72: 98 (1979).
Two of Henrik Ibsen's brothers emigrated to the United States.

SETTERDAHL, LILLY and WILSON, J. HIRAM. Hotel Accommodations in the Bishop Hill Colony. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 29: 180-195 (1978).
The article, which is broader than the title would imply, contains much interesting information about the Swedish sectarian colony.

SETTERDAHL, LILLY. Peter Cassel's America. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 32: 106-123 (1981).
In 1845 Peter Cassel founded the first Swedish settlement in the Midwest at New Sweden, Iowa.

SHERMAN, WILLIAM C. Ethnic Distribution in Western North Dakota. North Dakota History, 46: 4-12 (Winter, 1979).

SKARDAL, DOROTHY BURTON. Øket interesse for emigrantlitteraturen. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 76: 87-88 (1981).
An article about the interest in Norwegian-American literature at the University of Oslo.

SKOGAAS, PEDER. Møte med Herman Smith-Johanssen. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 75: 32-35 (1980).
Reminiscences of 104-year-old "Chief Jack Rabbit," who taught the Canadians to use skis.

SKRIEN, SANDRA H. Ole Johnson Skrien: A Norwegian Immigrant in the 1870s. North Dakota History, 43: 32-35 (Winter, 1976).

SPANENI, MAGNHILD. Med Gro Jonsdotter Einungbrekke frå Tinn til Amerika. Arbok for Telemark, 14-26 (1981).
Gro Jonsdotter was the mother of the legendary "Snowshoe Thompson." As a widow she came to America in 1837 with her ten-year-old son.

STECHER, MARIANNE T. Danish Settlement in Fresno County, California: An Example of Acculturation to a Foreign Environment, 1880-1930. The Bridge, 4: 8-21(1981).

STEEN, ROALD. Da guvernørvalget sto mellom to nordmenn. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 76: 202-203 (1981).
In 1896 two Norwegian immigrants, Andrew Lee (Populist) and Amund Ringsrud (Republican), were rival candidates for the governorship of South Dakota.

SUNDBEBG, EDWARD F. and GERDA. The Remigrants. The Bridge, 3: 29-38 (1980).
". . . . those who emigrated from Scandinavia to this continent and later decided to return."

SVEEN, KARE. Utvandrerne 1884. Gammalt fra Stange og Romnedal, 1980.
The list of emigrants from 1845 and on was begun in the annual for 1975. It will continue in future annuals.

SWANSON, ALAN, tr. and ed. The Civil War Letters of Olaf Liljegren. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 31: 86-121 (1980).
The letters of a Swedish member of Co. D, Third Minnesota Regiment of Volunteers.

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