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Contributors (Volume X: Page 189)

DR. EINAR HAUGEN, associate professor of Scandinavian languages in the University of 'Wisconsin, is a member of the association's board of editors. His article in the present volume is a product of long and intensive research in the field that it represents. In 1987 he published a volume entitled Beginning Norwegian, a Grammar and Reader. Professor Haugen is at present in Norway on leave of absence and while there will deliver a series of six lectures on "Folk and Speech in the Norwegian America" at the Royal Fredrik University.

DR. NAPIER WILT is associate professor of English in the University of Chicago. He has published important articles on Edgar Allan Poe and Ambrose Bierce and has edited a volume illustrating American humor. At present Dr. Wilt is preparing a history of the theater in Chicago.

DR. HENRIETTE C. KOREN NAESETH is professor and head of the department of English at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. She holds the degree of doctor of philosophy from the University of Chicago.

DR. ARTHUR C. PAULSON is professor of English at St. Olaf College. His doctoral dissertation was a study of the "Norwegian-American Reaction to Ibsen and Bjørnson, 1850-1900." Volume 5 of the present series includes an article by him on "Bjørnson and the Norwegian-Americans, 1880-81."

DR. KENNETH BJØRK is assistant professor of history at St. Olaf College. He received his doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Wisconsin. His dissertation was a study of "Count Münster and Anglo-German Relations, 1878-85."

DR. KAREN LARSEN is professor of history at St. Olaf College. She holds the degree of Litt. D. from Luther College, and is widely known as the author of Laur. Larsen: Pioneer College President, a biography published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

DR. H. F. SWANSEN is head of the history department in Dana College, Blair, Nebraska. An abstract of his doctoral dissertation on the "Norse in Iowa to 1870" has recently appeared in a volume of the University of Iowa's Studies.

DR. THODORE JORGENSON is professor and head of the department of Norwegian at St. Olaf College. He is the author of a History of Norwegian Literature, published in 1938, and a monograph on Norway's Relation to Scandinavian Unionism, published in 1930. He has recently written a biography of Professor Rølvaag which is to be published in the near future.

DR. OLAF A. HOUGAN is professor of chemical engineering in the University of Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and holds the doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Wisconsin. He is the author of a standard text entitled Industrial Chemical Calculations and has published special bulletins on such subjects as gas absorption, heat transmission, and silk technology. Dr. Hougan spent a year in the Chemical Warfare Service. He has been a chemical research expert with the Carborundum Company, technical director of the United States Testing Company, and professor of chemical engineering at Armour Institute.

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD is the director of the historical records survey in Minnesota. He is a trained librarian and bibliographer whose experience includes service on the staffs of the Minnesota Historical Society and the James J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul.



Arthur Andersen, Chicago, Illinois, President
J. Jørgen Thompson, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
S. J. Arnesen, Brooklyn, New York
J. A. Holmboe, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Frederic Schaefer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


P. O. Holland, Northfield, Minnesota, Chairman
David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois
A. N. Rygg, Brooklyn, New York
T. Stabo, Decorah, Iowa


Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Managing Editor
Einar Haugen, Madison, Wisconsin
Brynjolf J. Hovde, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Paul Knaplund, Madison, Wisconsin
Carlton C. Qualey, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York


C. Martin Alsager, Chicago, Illinois
Axel Arneson, Fort Worth, Texas
Helmet Blegen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
J. N. Brown, Moorhead, Minnesota
G. M. Bruce, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mrs. Frida Bue-Homnes, Crosby, North Dakota
Olaf Halvorson, Huntington Park, California
Mrs. Kristine Haugen, Sioux City, Iowa
O. I. Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
J. M. Johnson, Chicago, Illinois
Charles E. Larsen, Brooklyn, New York
Guunar Lund, Seattle, Washington
M. Moe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
R. A. Nestos, Minor, North Dakota
Mrs. Alice R. Sonsteby, Chicago, Illinois
B. L. Wick, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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