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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. VI)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume X: Page 176)

AAKHUS, EIVND D. Minne frå Noreg og Amerika. [Kristiansand, Johanssen & Tangens prenteverk, 1932.] 112 p.

Recollections of a violinist who made many concert tours in Norway and America during the first quarter of the twentieth century. He immigrated in 1878 and was for a time a farmer in the Red River Valley of Minnesota.

ANDERSEN, ANNETTE. Ibsen in America. Scandinavian studies and notes, 14: 65-109, 115-155 (February, May, 1957).

An annotated bibliography of all books and articles relating to Ibsen's life and works published in the United States.

BARTON, ALBERT O. Muskego, the most historic Norwegian colony. Wisconsin magazine of history, 21:129-138 (December, 1937).

BIRGE, E. A. Dr. Anderson in the University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin magazine of history, 20:251-254 (March, 1937).

A necrology of Rasmus B. Anderson by his only living colleague on the university faculty. Reprinted in the pamphlet listed below under Einar Haugen.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Norwegian emigrant songs and ballads. Edited and translated by Theodore C. Blegen and Martin B. Ruud. Minneapolis, The University of Minnesota press, 1936. 850 p.

A review by A. P. Hudson appears in American literature for May, 1937, and one by Einar Haugen in Minnesota history for June, 1937. This book was included among the "Fifty books of the year" selected by the American institute of graphic arts for exhibition throughout the United States in 1938.

---------- Rynning, Ole, immigrant leader. Norwegian-American historical association News letter, no. 6, p. 1-4 (August, 1937).

An address delivered at the Rynning centennial observance at St. Olaf college, Northfield, Minnesota, May 15, 1937.

BRØGGER, A. W. Vinlandsferdene. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1937. 207 p. 176

The Vinland journeys. The chapters of this volume appeared serially in Norsk geografisk tidsskrift during 1936.

CLAUSEN, A. C. Leif Erikson's discovery of America. Spokane, Washington, The Swedish press, 1933. 16 p.

This pamphlet was produced by Spokane lodge, no. l2, Scandinavian fraternity of America.

CLAUSEN, CLARENCE A., trans, and ed. Pioneer town building in the West, an America letter written by Frithjof Meidell at Springfield, Illinois, in 1855. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:45-53 (1936).

CLAUSEN, CLARENCE A., trans, and ed. Pioneer town building in the West, an America letter written by Frithjof Meidell at Springfield, Illinois, in 1855. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:45-53 (1936).

CLAUSEN, OTTO. Norske ingeniører i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 29:215-217 (July, 1936).

Norwegian engineers in America, principally Chicago and New York. 

DIESERUD, JUUL. Norsk-amerikanske politikere. Nordmanns-forbundet, 30:5-8 (January, 1987).

This article on Norwegian-American politicians mentions particularly Peter Norbeck, Henrik Shipstead, Thomas R. Amlie, Paul J. Kvale, Harold Knutson, August H. Andresen, Fredrik Biermann, and Knute Hill.

DREWSEN, GUDRUN L. Man minnes mangt. Oslo, Forlagt av H. Aschehoug & co. (W. Nygaard), 1937. 246 p.

A varied life in Norway and America, colored with considerable public activity, including suffrage activities; the American period begins in 1894.

EARLY NORWEGIAN PHARMACISTS. Badger pharmacist, no. 18, p. 1-13 (October, 1957).

An essay on early Norwegian pharmacists with lists of names of early pharmacists and samples of early advertisements of medicine.

ERIKSON, J. A. Det forjættede land. Decorah-posten og ved arnen, November 9, 1937-March 8, 1938. Also published separately by the Anundsen publishing company.

A pioneer novel dealing with life in the Koshkonong and Norway Grove settlements of Dane County, Wisconsin.

FIELD, IDUNA B. Recreating pioneer days. American-Scandinavian review, 25:255-258 (September, 1937).

An account of the Norwegian-American historical museum at Decorah, Iowa.

FOSS, L. O. Et oplysende kapitel av vor norske nybyggersaga. Skandinaven, November 24, 1936, p. 9.

A full-page autobiographical account.

GAUSTAD, INGRID. Grunnlaget for utvandringen. Nordmanns-forbundet, 29:207-209 (July, 1936).

In this brief study of the causes of emigration from Norway, the author emphasizes the economic factors, resulting from overpopulation and hard times, and the opening of America, which became a dreamland to the growing generation, the emigration beginning in the rural districts where the pressure was greatest and later extending to the cities. The article was reprinted in Sønner af Norge, 33: 268 (1936).

GIMMSTED, L. M. Hundreaars-festen, et betydningsfuldt historisk dokument. Skandinavens almanak-kalender, 1936, 53.

Appeared previously in Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1936, 5-29, as noted in the previous list.

GLASOE, PAUL M. Norse cultural influence in America. Lutheran herald, 20:1215-1217 (December 15, 1936).

The article emphasizes music.

GRIMLEY, O. B. Et hundreårsminne. Nordmanns-forbundet, 30:80-82 (March, 1937).

An account of a celebration in Tinn, Norway, in June, 1936, commemorating the first group emigration to America from this district in Telemark a century ago.

---------- Inntryk fra min Amerikaferd. Sonnet af Norge, 33:255-258, 269-270, 283-284, 311-314, 317 (1936).

Impressions on a journey to America, dealing principally with lodge matters but containing some general observations and criticisms.

HALVORSEN, HALLVARD, ed. Et Amerika-brev fra 1850. Skandinaven, part 2: Husbibliothek, 73: 10-12 (February 4, 1938).

This letter, dated November 21, 1850, was written by Christian Enevold (1827-98) from Jefferson County, Wisconsin, to his father in Norway. The first part of the letter is omitted. An interesting portion is the writer's mention of Marcus Thrane and Jenny Lind. Christian Enevold immigrated in 1848.

HAMBRO, C. J. Norsk åndsliv utenfor Norge. Allers familie-journal (Oslo), Julen 1936, p. 3-5, 54-55.

An article on Norwegian culture outside of Norway, principally in the United States, touching on church schools such as Red Wing seminary, Luther college, St. Olaf college, Lutheran ladies seminary, Augsburg seminary, and Concordia college, and on publications such as Decorah-posten, Symra, Minneapolis tidende, Skandinaven, Nordmanden, and Reform, and on music, painting, sculpture, drama, and organizations such as the Sons of Norway and the bygdelags.

---------- Portræter og profiler. Oslo, Forlagt af H. Aschehoug & co.(W. Nygaard), 1937. 170 p.

This volume of "portraits and profiles" includes three Americans of note: Hans C. Heg, 1829-1863, p. 9-39; Knute Nelson, 1842-1923, p. 76-120; Magnus Swenson, 1854-1936, p. 121-134.

HANSEN, MARCUS L. Immigration and puritanism. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:1-28  (1936).

HAUGEN, EINAR. Address at dedication of Anderson memorial, June 27, 1937. Mimeographed by the university extension division, University of Wisconsin, Madison. August, 1937. Contains also a reprint of the address by E. A. Birge listed above.

---------- Bjørnson og hans norsk-amerikanske impresario. Nordmanns-forbundet, Julen 1936, p. 20-23.

An article on Rasmus B. Anderson (1846-1936), who acted as impresario for Bjørnson on the latter's visit to America in 1880-81, with an account of the large and important collection of letters left by Anderson, including many Bjørnson letters.

---------- A critique and a bibliography of the writings of Rasmus B. Anderson. Wisconsin magazine of history, 19:255-269 (March, 1937).

An analysis of the published contributions of the first Norwegian-American scholar, with an annotated bibliography of all his separate publications, dividing them into translations, editions and collections, and original writings. Also issued as a reprint.

HAVIGHURST, WALTER. Upper Mississippi, a wilderness saga. New York, Farrar & Rinehart, 1937. 258 p.

A popular account of immigration and settlement in the Northwest, giving special attention to the Scandinavian element. Part one is entitled, The Vikings' second coming, and the chapter headings include: Peer Gynt on the prairies (Cleng Peerson); "Ole-Ole-Ole-Oleana! "; Moses in the buffalo grass (Hans Barlien); Peder's dream. The volume is reviewed by John T. Flanagan in Minnesota history for March, 1938.

HAYNE, COE. They came seeking; adventures in Christian action in America. Edited by Baptist board of education, department of missionary education. Philadelphia, The Judson press, [1935]. 144 p.

Chapter 3 of this volume is entitled "Redemption of an American wilderness" and gives an account of the origin and development of the Baptist church in Norway and its transplanting to American soil; the organization of the first Norwegian Baptist church at Indian Creek, Illinois, in 1848; the organization of the Bradford Norwegian Baptist church in Wilkin County, Minnesota, in 1896; and later churches of this denomination in North Dakota, including the Bethel Norwegian Baptist church at Powers Lake, North Dakota, which is reputed to be one of the largest Norwegian Baptist congregations in the United States.

HEBARD, GRACE R. Wergeland, Agnes Mathilde (May 8, 1857-Mch. 6, 1914). Dictionary of American biography, 20:1-2 (1936).

HEIMSKRINGLA. Commemorative booklet, 1911-12 ... 1936-37. Urbana, Illinois, Heimskringla, 1937. 19 p.

Heimskringla is the Scandinavian society of the University of Illinois. This booklet, compiled by C. U. Faye, secretary, gives the constitution and lists members, papers read, and public programs.

HERMANNSSON, HALLDOR. The problem of Wineland. (Islendica, XXV.) Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell university press, 1936. 84 p.

HOBSON, JOHN A. Veblen. New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc., 1937. 27 p.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, V.

Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:106-118 (1936).

HOEN, PETER L. Mit levnetsløb. Brookfield, Illinois, Pacific press publishing association, 1932. 62 p.

The reminiscences of a Seventh-Day Adventist who was an evangelist in certain Norwegian communities in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, New York, and Maine. He was born in Norway in 1838 and in, migrated in 1871.

HOVDE, BRYNJOLF J. Norwegian-Americans. In Francis J. Brown and Joseph S. Roucek, Our racial and national minorities, their history, contributions, and present problems, 103-115. New York, Prentice-Hall, inc., 1937.

A brief survey of Norwegian immigration, from 1825 to the present time, to New York, Illinois, and the West, exhibiting the growth of immigration, its type, causes (economic and otherwise, including America letters) and describing the cultural life in the established communities represented by churches, schools, periodicals and papers, politics, and literature.

HUSTVEDT, HALVOR B. The Missouri flood of 1881; translated by Katherine Hustvedt. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:77-94 (1956).

JACOBSEN, SIGURD. Der nye Norge et hundre får; hvor de første "Amerikabrever" blev til. Kooperatøren (Oslo), 30:260-261 (November, 1935).

A backward view, a century after Cleng Peerson, to the places where the first "America letters" originated.

JOHANSEN, JOHN P. Immigrant settlements and social organization in South Dakota. (Agricultural experiment station bulletin, no. 313.) Brookings, S. D., June, 1937.

Norwegian settlements and their social organization are included in the summaries given on pages 8-16, showing origins of the population, statistics of immigration, places of settlement, established churches, lodges, bygdelag organizations, and units of the Norwegian singers association of America.

---------- Immigrants and their children in South Dakota. (Agricultural experiment station bulletin, no. 302.) Brookings, S. D., May, 1936. 47 p.

A statistical analysis of the elements of the population, including the Norwegian.

JOHNSEN, ARNE ODD. Norsk utvandringshistorie; et jubileum. Samtiden (Oslo), 48: 200-212 (1937).

The article reviews the achievements of the Norwegian-American historical association, naming also the men who have been prominent in Norwegian-American historiography, and listing the principal publications of the association.

Utvandringen og bygdehistorien. Heimen (Oslo), 5:11-25 (1937).

An address on emigration and the writing of local community histories in Norway, delivered at Hamar, Norway, August 14, 1937.

KILDAL, ARNE. Amerikas stemme; fra Amerikansk litteratur og kulturliv. Oslo, Steenske forlag, [1935]. 205 p.

The last chapter of this volume, p. 189-205, is on O. E. Rølvaag and constitutes a criticism and evaluation of Rølvaag's work, with special mention of Giants in the earth.

---------- Klaveness, Thoralv, 1866 Norsk biografisk leksikon, 7:388 (1936).

A biographical sketch of the author of Der norske folk i Amerika.

KLUNGTVEDT, NILS, ed. Festskrift for Stavanger amt laget i Amerika, 1911-1936. [n. p.,] Stavangerlaget i Amerika, 1936. 112 p.

A publication issued in connection with the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of this bygdelag, held at Story City, Iowa, August 28-30, 1936, and including a historical account of Stavangerlaget and its subdivisions, with portraits of officers and groups at the various conventions.

KNUDSEN, KNUD. Livsminner; bareår og ungdomsår. Oslo 1937. 199 p.

In these memoirs of a distinguished Norwegian linguistic and pedagogical reformer, there are a number of interesting comments on two figures who later were prominent in Norwegian-American life: J. R. Reiersen and J. A. Ottesen.

KNUTSEN, ALFRED. Haringer i Amerika gjennem 100 år. Hardanger (Odda, Hardanger, Norway), July 2, 1937-February 11, 1938. 59 installments.

A continuation of the series recorded in the last volume of this publication, comprising personal and family histories of immigrants from Hardanger.

LARSON, LAURENCE M. The Changing West and other essays. STUDIES AND RECORDS

Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1957. 180 p.

The titles of the essays are as follows: The Changing West; The Norwegian element in the field of American scholarship; The Convention riot at Benson Grove, Iowa, in 1876; Tellef Grundysen and the beginnings of Norwegian-American fiction; The Norwegian element in the Northwest; Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen; "Skandinaven, Professor Anderson, and the Yankee school"; and The Lay preacher in pioneer times. Reviewed by Martin B. Ruud in Minnesota history, 18:431-433 (December, 1937).

---------- The collection and preservation of sources. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:95-105 (1936).

LINDELIE, A. H. Nordmændenes indsats i Nord Dakota. Skandinaven, April 27, 1937, p. 3, 9.

Norwegians in North Dakota and their contributions.

LUND, EINAR. Luther college 75 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 29:315-318 (October, 1930).

Seventy-five years of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa.

McGRATH, JOHN S., and DELMONT, J. J. Floyd Bjornstjerne Olson, Minnesota's greatest liberal governor. [St. Paul, McGrath and Delmont, 1937.] 333 p.

MINNESOTA. LEGISLATURE. SENATE. In memoriam Governor Floyd Olson. [St. Paul, 1937.] 13 p.

Issued in connection with the memorial services held on March 18, 1937.

MURCHIE, R. W., and JARCHOW, M. E. Population trends in Minnesota. (Agricultural experiment station bulletin, no. 327.) [n. p.,] University of Minnesota, Agricultural experiment station, 1937. 99 p.

All of the population elements in the state are counted in this statistical analysis. Norwegian-born residents were 101,169 in 1890, 104,895 in 1900, 105,302 in 1910, 90,188 in 1920, 71,562 in 1930; and the Minnesota total of foreign-born Norwegians and the children of Norwegian-born parents was 267,-912, according to the 1930 census.

MYRVOLD, PETER. For hundre aar siden; et oversigt over de aar-saker som ledet til masseutvandringen fra Norge i 1830-1840 aarene, "Isløsningstid" i lander. Visergutten, February 18, 1937, p. 5.

The author reviews the economic and political backgrounds of the emigration from Norway in the thirties and forties of the last century.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American studies and records, vol. 9. Northfield, Minnesota, 1936. 131 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Immigration and puritanism, by Marcus L. Hansen; Svein Nilsson, pioneer Norwegian-American historian, by D. G. Ristad; The Sugar Creek settlement in Iowa, by H. F. Swansen; Pioneer town building in the West, an America letter written by Frithjof Meidell at Springfield, Illinois, in 1855, translated with a foreword by Clarence A. Clausen; A Typical Norwegian settlement, Spring Grove, Minnesota, by Carlton C. Qualey; Marcus Thrane in America, some unpublished letters from 1880-1884, translated and edited by Waldemar Westergaard; The Missouri flood of 1881, by Halvor B. Hustvedt, translated by Katherine Hustvedt; The Collection and preservation of sources, by Laurence M. Larson; Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, V, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

---------- A review and a challenge. Northfield, Minnesota, 1938. 33 p.

This pamphlet sets forth the organization, accomplishments, and program of the association. The preface is signed by Arthur Andersen, president, and Theodore C. Blegen and Kenneth Bjork collaborated in its preparation.

NYBYGGERLIV PAA PRÆRIEN; EN FORTÆLLING FRA NYBYGGERTIDEN I NEBRASKA. Decorah-posten og ved arnen, February 22, 1938, and continuation.

A novel of pioneering life in Nebraska.

OLSTAD, ANTON. Vi opdager Amerika. Oslo, Windju Simonsens forlag, 1936. 119 p.

The story of the journey to America of troop no. 111, Boy Scouts, of Oslo, in the summer of 1936.

PASTOR, EILERT. Der Runenstein von Kensington. Wacht im osten, 4:321-358 (May-June, 1937).

A German's comment on the Kensington rune stone.

PAULSON, ARTHUR C. The Norwegian-American reaction to Ibsen and Bjørnson, 1850-1900; a summary of a thesis . . . University of Iowa, 1933. Northfield, Minnesota, The St. Olaf college press, 1937. 29 p.

A review of early immigration and of the coming of the church, the press, libraries, and schools precedes a study of the reception that the books of Ibsen and Bjørnson received among the Norwegian immigrants in America and of the gradual introduction of these books in the curricula of Norwegian-American colleges, such as Luther college at Decorah, Iowa, their growing popularity with the press and in the rural communities, and the reaction that set in against Bjørnson on the occasion of his visit to America in 1880-81.

PEDERSON, THOMAS. Some recollections of Thomas Pederson. Wisconsin magazine of history, 21:16-34, 175-190, 301-321 (September, December, 1937, March, 1938).

PORTLAND, OREGON. BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN CHURCH. Fiftieth anniversary. Portland, Oregon, 1937. 24 p.

The pamphlet includes a history of the congregation by a committee, program of the anniversary celebration, October 1-3, 1937, lists of pastors, societies, and officers.

QUALEY, CARLTON C. Norwegian settlement in the United States. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1938. 285 p.

A study of the distribution of Norwegian immigrants in the United States, with extensive statistical maps and tables. A review by Gertrude Jacobsen appears in Minnesota history, 19:199-201 (June, 1938).

---------- A typical Norwegian settlement: Spring Grove, Minnesota. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:54.-66 (1936).

RASMUSSEN, INGEBORG. Inger M. Scholdager. Nordmanns-forbundet, 80:84-86 (March, 1937).

The biography of a Chicago teacher and school superintendent.

RISTAD, D. G. Svein Nilsson, pioneer Norwegian-American historian. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:29-37 (1936).

RONNING, N. N. A double anniversary; the story of the "Friend" publications. The Friend, 15:5-7 (March, 1938).

Ungdommens ven, Familiens magasin, and The Friend are the titles in the series.

SAINT PAUL. EAST IMMANUEL EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Fiftieth anniversary historical sketches, 1888-1938. St. Paul, Minnesota, East Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church, 1938. 30 p.

A "History of the congregation," by J. J. Stokke, p. 5-13, is incorporated in this pamphlet, which also lists the societies of the church. There are portraits of former pastors and officers of the church, and illustrations.

SEABROOK, WILLIAM. These foreigners. New York, Harcourt, Brace and co., 1938.

"Scandinavian Americans" is the title of a sketchy and superficial chapter in this volume, p. 19-84.

SEIP, D. A. Nordmenn og norsk språk i Amerika. Studier I norsk språkhistorie, Oslo, 1934, p. 286-296.

This section presents the results of the author's study of Norwegian speech in America.

SEVERTSON, S. T., ed. Eightieth anniversary year book; a brief historical sketch together with a presentation of our present organization. Minneapolis, Minnesota, [1936]. 32 p.

A pamphlet issued in connection with the celebration of the eightieth anniversary of the founding of the North Prairie congregation of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America, Fillmore County, Minnesota. The church was organized in 1856. The North Prairie settlement dates from 1855.

SEVRE, INGEBREGT. "Slegt skal følge slegters gang." Hallingen, no. 101, p. 5-13 (December, 1937).

A Gislerud genealogy.

SKAUG, ARNE. Memorandum on fluctuations in migration from Norway since 1900, compared with other countries, and causes of these fluctuations. Paris, International institute of intellectual co-operation, League of nations, 1937. 194 p. Mimeographed.

This study was submitted by Dr. Skaug to the International studies conference on behalf of the Norwegian co-ordinating committee. The chapters are as follows: Introduction, The Statistical material, The Main trends of migrations from Norway, Character of the Norwegian emigration, The Causes of emigration and of its fluctuations, Fluctuations in migration from Norway and other countries since 1900, Effects of the cessation of emigration.

SORTEBERG, NIELS E. Slægthistorie. Hallingen, no. 101, p. 15-24 (December, 1937).

A genealogy of the Sorteberg family.

STECHE, THEODOR. Die Normannischen fahrten nach Winland und ihre nachwirkungen. Zeitschrift füt deutsche philologie, 60:121-173 (1935).

The Norse journeys to Vinland and their results.

STORSTEEN, E. Utvandringen -- og veien tilbake. Nordmanns-forbundet, 31:41-44 (February, 1938).

Survey of emigration, causes, results in Norway, and statistics showing the number of those who emigrated and of those who returned.

STORTROEN, ANDERS J. Et Amerikabrev fra 1858. Nordmanns-forbundet, 30:265-267 (August 1, 1937).

A letter written from Wisconsin in 1858 and sent to Tynset, Norway.

STRØMME, PEER. How Halvor became a minister. Translated from the Norwegian by Inga Bredesen Norstog. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1936. 192 p.

A translation of Strømme's novel: Hvorledes Halvor blev prest.

SWANSEN, H. FRED. The Norse in Iowa to 1870. University of Iowa, Studies in the social sciences, vol. 10, no. 4, p. 81-93. Iowa City, 1938.

An abstract of a doctoral thesis which begins with a summary of facts concerning Norwegian immigration in general and passes on to a more special consideration of the early settlements in Iowa, which include the Sugar Creek settlement in Lee County, dating from 1859, the northeastern Iowa settlement, dating from 1846, the St. Ansgar settlement, 1853, and the Story County settlement, 1855.

---------- The Sugar Creek settlement in Iowa. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:38-44 (1936).

THORTVEDT, LEVI. Levi Thortvedt describes trek of covered wagon caravan to valley. Moorhead daily news, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 1938.

The Thortvedt family immigrated in 1861, came by way of Quebec and Chicago to Highland Prairie, Houston County, Minnesota. In 1870 this family, in the company of others, set out in two covered wagons for the Red River Valley and found a home on the Buffalo River, in Clay County, Minnesota. Pioneer experiences in this region make up a large part of the narrative.

WALEN, GEORG J. M. Fedrearven. Mere lys, 2:17-22 (April, 1937).

The cultural inheritance of the Norwegian group.

---------- Der norske folk i Amerika. Mere lys, 24:97-106 (January, 1938).

This article is an introduction to a more extensive treatment of the subject of the Norwegian people in America. The author contemplates a study of the entire question of the Norwegian immigrant and his descendants, his reaction to the American environment, the process of Americanization, his cultural background and present cultural status, in an effort to attain a panoramic view and arrive at an evaluation of the problem.

---------- Der norske amerikanske folks historie i omrids: der amerikanske miljø. Mere lys, 25:1-10 (April, 1938).

The author discusses the American social spirit and the influence of the American environment on the immigrant.

---------- Rølvaag som foregangsmand. Mere lys, 24:34-40 (July, 1937).

Relates to "Omkring fædrearven" and Rølvaag's liberalism.

WEENAAS, AUGUST. Livserindringer fra Norge og Amerika, 1835-1924. (Bibliotheca norvegiae sacra, XII.) Bergen, A.S. Lunde & co.'s forlag, 1935. 280 p.

August Weenaas was professor of theology in the Scandinavian Augustana synod seminary in Paxton, Illinois, from 1868 to 1869, president and professor of theology of Augsburg seminary in Marshall, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, from 1869 to 1876, and president and professor of theology of Red Wing seminary, Red Wing, Minnesota, from 1882 to 1885.

WESTERGAARD, WALDEMAR, trans, and ed. Marcus Thrane in America; some unpublished letters from 1880-1884. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:67-76 (1936).

WESTERGAARD, WALDEMAR, trans, and ed. Marcus Thrane in America; some unpublished letters from 1880-1884. Norwegian-American studies and records, 9:67-76 (1936).

WESVIG, C. M. What led up to 1917. Lutheran herald, 21:3-5 (January 5, 1957).

A review of Lutheran church history preceding the formation of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America in 1917.

WHITE, GEORGE LEROY, JR. Scandinavian themes in American fiction. Philadelphia, 1937. 321 p. (University of Pennsylvania dissertation.)

WHITE, GEORGE LEROY, JR. Scandinavian themes in American fiction. Philadelphia, 1937. 321 p. (University of Pennsylvania dissertation.)

WILSON, NETTA W. Alfred Owre, dentistry's militant educator. Minneapolis, Minnesota, The University of Minnesota press, 1937. 331p.

Dr. Owre, a Norwegian-born leader in American dental education, was dean of the College of dentistry of the University of Minnesota from 1905 to 1927 and later headed the dentistry college of Columbia university from 1927 to 1934. This book is reviewed by A. C. Krey in Minnesota history, 19:71-73 (March, 1938).

WORM-MULLER, JACOB S. Ole Rynning og emigrasjonen. Samtiden, 48:524-532 (1937).

An address on Ole Rynning, Cleng Peerson, the conditions met by Norwegian immigrants in the New World, and their successes and failures.


An address on Magnus Swenson (1854-1936), former president of the Norwegian-American historical association, by President Glenn Frank of the University of Wisconsin, appears in Sønner af Norge, 33:157-158 (1936).

The valuable series of articles by Carl G. O. Hansen, with the general title "Tvillingbyernes norske saga" (The Norse saga in the Twin Cities), continued from 1935, was concluded in the January, 1937, issues of Skandinaven.

Occasional articles on frontier life by Gabriel Stene have appeared in Visergutten (Canton, S. D.) under the heading "Pioneer history."

The death of Dr. Knut Gjerset, professor of history at Luther college, Decorah, Iowa, and curator of the Norwegian-American museum at the same place, is noted in an editorial in Sønner af Norge, 33: 318 (1936).

A sketch of the life of Knud Wefald (1869-1936), former member of Congress and more recently railroad and warehouse commissioner of Minnesota, appears in Sønner af Norge, 34:189-190 (July, 1937). The article is written by Martin W. Odland.

The personal papers of Alfred Owre, dean of the College of dentistry of the University of Minnesota from 1905 .to 1927 and of the Columbia university College of dentistry from 1927 to 1934, were presented to the Minnesota historical society in 1936 by Mrs. Elizabeth Owre.

A lengthy article, with illustrations, on "Luther college gjennem fem og sytti aar" (Seventy-five years of Luther college) appeared in Decorah-posten for October 9, 1936.

People of Norwegian birth or descent owned 7,868,140 acres of land in North Dakota in 1913-14, according to a survey made at that time by the Norway centennial commission, as reported recently in a supplement to Fram (Fargo, N. D.).

Skandinavens almanak-kalender, edited by John Hjellum, continues to publish lists of a great number of Norwegian-American organizations, with names and addresses of officers.

The increased interest in Norwegian-American history in recent years is evidenced by the growing number of doctoral and masters' theses in this field, especially in the universities and colleges of the Northwest.

Amerika paa skiIleveien (America at the crossroad) is the title of a recent book (Oslo, H. Aschehoug & co., 1936) by C. J. Hambro, which deals with American economic and social questions.

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