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By-laws of the Norwegian-American Historical Association
(Volume I: Page 156)


All applications for membership shall be made in writing to the financial secretary of the Association. Such application shall show the name, address, and occupation of the applicant.


Associate members shall pay an annual fee of two dollars; sustaining members shall pay an annual fee of ten dollars; and life members shall pay, once for all, a minimum fee of one hundred dollars. Life membership fees shall be set aside as a permanent fund.


Associate members shall receive all minor publications of the Association, provided, however, that if the Association shall publish a periodical, such periodical only shall be sent without cost to associate members. Sustaining and life members shall receive all the publications of the Association without cost.


Any member failing to pay his dues within six months after the termination of the year for which they are due, and after due notice from the financial secretary, shall cease to be a member.


1. Change of Address. All members shall notify the financial secretary in writing of any change of address, and by failure to do so shall be deemed to have waived their rights to any notice or publication, as provided by the constitution and by-laws of this Association.

2. The financial secretary shall, on payment of dues, furnish receipt indicating term for which dues have been paid.


1. The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of its executive board. He shall be advisory member of all boards and committees and shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. The president shall, with the treasurer, sign all written contracts and obligations of the Association, which shall have been approved by the executive board. He shall, with the advice and concurrence of the executive board, initiate such activities as will advance the objects of the Association, as defined in its constitution. All proposals and suggestions submitted to the Association .shall be laid by him before the executive board for its consideration and decision. He shall approve in writing all bills to be paid by the treasurer.

2. The general vice president shall perform the duties of the president in case of the latter's absence, resignation, or inability to act, until a new president shall have been elected.

3. In case of the death, resignation, or inability to act, of both president and general vice president, the executive board shall promptly designate one of the regional vice presidents to act as general vice president.

4. The secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Association. He shall keep a written record of all official proceedings of the Association and of the executive board. He shall issue notices of elections and meetings, and shall be custodian of and responsible for the archives of the Association.

5. The financial secretary shall receive all dues, keep an accurate record of all moneys received, and deposit same monthly with the treasurer. He shall keep a correct record of the payment of dues and issue receipts therefor. He shall report annually to the executive board the names of all members who are in arrears, with the amounts due. If deemed expedient by the executive board, he shall be placed under bonds in such sum and in such surety company as may be determined by the executive board, the cost of the bond to be borne by the Association.

6. The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements. He shall receive from the financial secretary all moneys collected and deposit same in the name of the Association in a .bank approved by said board. He shall make all disbursements, but no payment shall be made by him of any bills unless approved in writing by the president. He shall have charge of all funds and shall see to it that they are properly invested in interest bearing securities. All funds so invested by him shall be placed in such first mortgages or first mortgage bonds as may be approved by the various states as legal investment for trust funds. He shall make an annual report in writing to the board of finance of all receipts and disbursements for the preceding calendar year, together with a detailed statement of funds invested. The executive board shall require the treasurer to give bonds for the faithful discharge of his duties, in such amount and with such surety company as may be approved by the board, the cost of the bond to be borne by the Association.


The executive board shall each year appoint an auditing committee, or engage certified public accountants, to examine and check up the accounts and books of the treasurer and the financial secretary, and report thereon to the president, who shall submit such reports to the executive board as soon as practicable.


There shall be appointed by the executive board regional vice presidents of the Association, in such numbers and locations as may be found advantageous and desirable. The regional vice presidents shall constitute an advisory board to assist in promoting the interests of the Association. The regional vice presidents shall serve for a period of three years.


The formation of regional organizations for the more convenient promotion of the objects of the Association, as defined in its constitution and by-laws, may be authorized by the executive board, on application from a regional vice president, who shall serve as president of such organization. The constitution and by-laws of such regional organizations shall be approved by the executive board.


These by-laws may be amended by the members of the Association by a two-thirds majority of the members voting. Such amendments may be proposed by not less than twenty members of the Association, whose names shall appear in the notice, or by the executive board itself.

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