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Certificate of Incorporation of the Norwegian-American Historical Association
(Volume I: Page 152)

The undersigned, Knut Gjerset, Birger Osland, and O. E. R²1vaag, having associated to form a corporation under the laws of Minnesota, 1923, section 7,892, do hereby certify:


The name of the corporation shall be the Norwegian-American Historical Association.


Its general purpose shall be to seek and gather information about the people in the United States of Norwegian birth and descent and to preserve the same in appropriate forms as historic records.


Its general plan of operation shall be to obtain by gift and from membership contributions the funds required for:

1. Helping to maintain and develop Norwegian-American historical archives at such places or institutions as in the judgment of the executive board shall be found to be advantageous and desirable;

2. Helping to maintain and develop the Norwegian-American museum at Decorah, Iowa, known as the "Norwegian-American Historical Museum ";

3. Encouraging and promoting Norwegian-American historical research and literary work;

4. Publishing monographs and other works dealing with Norwegian-American history, literature, art, and culture; and

5. Publishing a periodical devoted to Norwegian-American history, literature, and culture.



The location and principal place at which the Association shall transact its affairs shall be the city of Minneapolis, in the state of Minnesota.


The Association shall have three classes of members: associate members, sustaining members, and life members. Each member, regardless of class, shall have one vote at all general and special meetings of the Association. Any person over eighteen years of age may become a member upon written application to the financial secretary stating name, address, and occupation, and paying to the secretary an admission fee, which is to be two dollars for associate members, ten dollars for sustaining members, and one hundred dollars for life members. The associate members shall pay an annual due of two dollars and the sustaining members an annual due of ten dollars after the year in which the admission fee is paid. Life members shall be subject to no dues or charges except the admission fee.


The officers of the Association shall be a president, a general vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer, who shall be elected at a meeting of the members, which is to be held every third year at said city of Minneapolis on the first Tuesday in January or on the day following in case the first Tuesday in January is New Year's day,--the first meeting to be on the first Tuesday in the year 1927. Said officers shall be so elected and hold office for a term of three years. At the time and place of their election, said officers shall appoint three members of the Association to serve with them for a period of three years, who, together with said officers, shall constitute and be designated the executive board of the Association and have the general management of its affairs. At the close of the triennial meeting of the members and at the place of such meeting, the executive board shall appoint, for a term of three years, a board of finance, which is to consist of five or more members of the Association, of which board the treasurer of the Association shall be a member ex officio. Of the members of this board of finance, one shall be designated assistant treasurer and he shall function in the place of the treasurer elected by the members when for any reason the latter is unable to act. It shall be the duty of the board of finance to devise ways and means for obtaining funds needed by the Association. The executive board, at the time and place of the election and appointment of the members thereof, shall also appoint for a term of three years a board of editors from among the members of the Association, to consist of three or more persons, one of whom is to be designated and is to act as managing editor. This board shall edit and publish all the publications of the Association which previously have been authorized by the executive board. The executive board may fill any vacancy on its board and on the board of finance and the board of editors.


The officers and other members of the executive board and of the board of finance and of the board of editors, who are to conduct the transactions of the Association until the first meeting of the members of the Association, are the following in number and by name, each holding the office set opposite his name, to wit:

Executive Board: Ditleff G. Ristad, president; Laurence M. Larsen, general vice president; O. E. R²1vaag, secretary; Ole M. Oleson, treasurer; Birger Osland; A. C. Floan; Knut Gjerset.

Board of Finance: Ole M. Oleson, ex officio; Birger Osland, assistant treasurer; T. Stabo; J. J²rgen Thompson; A. C. Floan.

Board of Editors: Theodore C. Blegen, managing editor; Kristian Prestgard; Knut Gjerset.

In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names this 4th day of February, 1926.

Executed in duplicate.


In presence of

State of Minnesota
County of Hennepin

On this 4th day of February, 1926, before me personally appeared Knut Gjerset, Birger Osland, and O. E. R²lvaag, to me known to be the persons described in. and who executed the foregoing instrument, and each acknowledged that he executed the same as his free act and deed.

Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minnesota

My commission expires Dec. 1, 1929.
[Notarial seal.]

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