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Research Assistance

The NAHA archives contains material of enduring value related to the history of Norwegian migration and Norwegians in America. We are delighted to have patrons use our materials, but since these materials are unique, irreplaceable and often fragile, researchers using the NAHA Archives must take special care. We also provide research assistance for those who are unable to visit the Archives.

Norwegian Farm HouseOn-Site Research Assistance
We welcome you to come use the NAHA archives for your research. Arrangements can be made to use the NAHA archives through calling us at (507) 786-3221 or e-mailing to make an appointment. Since the Association has limited staff and docent resources, assistance can be provided on a limited basis by the staff and archivist.

Due to the costs of maintaining the NAHA archives, a modest fee is charged for visits to the archive and research requests. A daily fee of $5 for NAHA members and $10 for non-members is charged for the use of the unique resources built over the years and maintained by NAHA.

The NAHA archive contains books, letters, journals, diaries, family histories and photographs that document and illuminate the “big picture” of Norwegian-American life. Little attempt has been made to collect materials needed for thorough genealogy research, such as U.S. Census records, Norwegian and American church records, etc. Emigration records from major Norwegian ports are held from 1867 to about 1900, but searching these can be very time-consuming unless an approximate date of emigration is known.

An excellent source of genealogical information for Norwegian Americans can be found by contacting the Vesterheim Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library, 415 Main Street, Madison, WI 53703, (608) 255-2224, facsimile: (608) 255-6842. The center is a branch of the Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American Museum, located in Decorah, IA.

Research Fees
The Norwegian-American Historical Association welcomes e-mail or letter inquiries in addition to on site research. A modest fee of $20/hour is charged for research pursued by our staff. E-mail and letter requests will be answered in the order in which they are received. Fees may vary according to request and are subject to change. Priority is given to requests from our NAHA members.

Reproduction of Archival Material/Scanning
Photographs and written material can be digitally scanned upon request. Please keep in mind that the fragile condition of many manuscripts and photographs may prohibit any form of duplication. Please check with the Administrative Director or NAHA Archivist for the fees which will depend on the use of the image.

Translation from Norwegian to English
NAHA staff members are not able to provide Norwegian translation services. NAHA does maintain a list of translators who may be hired to provide such services. Each translation request varies according to the dialect, script, hand-writing or nature of the material.


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