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Some Recent Publications*
    compiled by Rolf H. Erickson with Norwegian listings by Johanna Barstad (Volume 32: Page 247)

*The compiler is grateful to Roger D. Sween, Multitype Library Cooperation Specialist, Library Development and Services, Minnesota Department of Education, for his invaluable assistance in checking information and for adding a number of items to the bibliography.


Alba, Richard D. Italian Americans: Into the Twilight of Ethnicity. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1985. ix, 182 pp.

Almås, Reidar. Norwegian Farmers in the USA: A Contemporary Report Based on the Stories of 36 Midwestern Families. Santa Cruz, California, 1988. 71 pp.

And All Our Yesterdays. Book 2. Beldenville, Wisconsin, 1987. 62 pp. A collection of essays on the history of Spring Valley, Wisconsin, many of which are about Norwegian Americans.

Anderson, John Louis. Scandinavian Humor & Other Myths. Minneapolis, 1986. 219 pp.
Presented as humor, this is also a perceptive look at an often neglected aspect of immigrant culture.

Anderson, Philip J., ed. Amicus Dei: Essays on Faith and Friendship Presented to Karl A. Olsson on His 75th Birthday. Chicago, 1988. xviii, 293 pp.
A festschrift for a Swedish American who was president of North Park College, Chicago. Includes fourteen essays and a seventy-nine page bibliography titled “Published and Unpublished Writings of Karl A. Olsson,” by Timothy J. Johnson.

Årsskrift, Etne sogelang. 63, 1986. 103 pp.
This yearbook contains articles on emigration from Sunnhordland and Nord-Rogaland to America by Nils Kolle, Ståle Dryvik, Martin Gjersvik, Olaf Holen, Loren Osman, and Ingvald Skålnes.

Beijbom, Ulf. Urvandrarna och Svensk-Amerika. Stockholm, 1986. 253 pp.
The emigration and Swedish America. A collection of essays by a leading scholar in the field.

Betsinger, Signe T. Nielsen. Danish Immigrant Homes: Glimpses from Southwestern Minnesota. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1986. 56 pp.
A well-illustrated catalog for an exhibition held March 9-April 25, 1986, at the University of Minnesota.

Bjerke, Robert A. Manitowoc County 1872 Plat Map Index: An Index of the Names on E. M. Harney’s Map of Manitowoc County Wisconsin 1872. Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1985. 145 pp.
A useful tool for the local historian or genealogist studying the large Norwegian settlements in this Wisconsin county.

Bliss, Patricia Lounsbury. Christian Petersen Remembered. Ames, Iowa, 1986. 217 pp.
Reminiscences of students, colleagues, and family of a sculptor who emigrated with his parents from Denmark in 1894. Illustrated with 100 photographs of Petersen’s sculptures.

Bodnar, John E. The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America. Bloomington, Indiana, 1985. xxi, 294 pp.

The Bridge. 10, 2, 1987. 82 pp.
This issue consists of ten articles about Enok Mortensen, the well-known authority on Danish-American history and life.

Browning, Harley L. and Rodolfo O. de la Garza, eds. Mexican Immigrants and Mexican Americans: An Evolving Relation. Austin, Texas, 1986. 256 pp.
A collection of twelve essays. “written principally by sociologists from the University of Texas at Austin,” which “focuses on distinctions and differences between individuals of Mexican origin who were born in the United States and Mexican-born legal and illegal immigrants”

Christensen, Elisabeth Riber and John Pedersen, compilers. Bibliografi over dansk-amerikansk Udvandrerhistorie. Aalborg Denmark, 1986. 243 pp.
A bibliography on Danish emigration from 1840 to 1920 and Danish-American history to 1983.

Christianson, Erik, compiler. Symra Index 1905-1914. [Decorah, Iowa, 1987]. 12 pp.

Clark, Dennis. Hibernia America: The Irish and Regional Cultures. Westport, Connecticut, 1986. xix, 213 pp.
“A major contribution to Irish-American and ethnic historiography. Clark is primarily concerned with how the Irish adapted to America and how the American experience influenced their character.”

Damm, Jens and Anette, and Stig Thornsohn, eds. The Dream of America. Translated by Hanne Ejsing Jorgensen and Daniel McCarthy. Viborg, Denmark, 1986. 140 pp.
The exhibit by this name about Danish-American life was the inspiration and basis for this book of seventeen essays.

Daniels, Roger, Sandra C. Taylor, and Harry H. L. Kitano, eds. Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress. Salt Lake City, 1986. 216 pp.
Some thirty essays on Japanese Americans, ‘focusing on their wartime relocation.”

Draxten, Nina. The Testing of M. Falk Gjertsen. Northfield, Minnesota, 1988. 134 pp.
The involvement of a Minneapolis Lutheran minister in a sexual scandal which threatened to destroy his career. Published as volume four in the Topical Studies series by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Dyrvik, Ståle and Nils Kolie, eds. Ett bildare tilvere? Drivkrefter og motiv i den tid legaste utvandringa frå Hordaland og Sogn og Fjordane. Voss, 1986. 215 pp.
Motivational forces in the earliest emigration from Hordland and Sogn and Fjordane. Twelve papers about emigration from Hordaland and Sogn and Fjordane given at a seminar in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of emigration from Voss held in Voss, April 18-20, 1986.

Eide, Harald. The Norwegian: A Rollicking Tale of Wild Trails and the Lure of Gold. Edmonds, Washington, 1982. 128 pp.
Fiction first published in 1975 under the title The Alaska Adventures of a Norwegian Cheechako

Fåberg og Lillehammer. 7, 1986. 178 pp.
This issue, with the title “Utvandringen,” deals with emigration from Fåberg and Lillehammer to America.

Gerrard, Nelson S. The Icelandic Heritage. Arborg, Manitoba, Canada, 1986. 127 pp.
A general history of the Icelandic people with a chapter on emigration to America.

Gilseth, Margaret Chrislock. Julia’s Children: A Norwegian Immigrant Family in Minnesota. St. Charles, Minnesota, 1987. 443 pp.
“Although the focus is on the second generation, we become involved in three generations from the 1870s to World War II.” Foreword by Carl H. Chrislock.

Greene, Victor R. American Immigrant Leaders, 1800-1910: Marginality and Identity. Baltimore, 1987. xii, 181 pp.
“The chapter on the Norwegians and Swedes invites the reader to revise sonic old ideas.”

Hale, Frederick. Their Own Saga. Minneapolis, 1986. 183 pp.
Letters written by Scandinavian immigrants in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and several other countries in the years from the 1880s until the 1930s.

Hamre, James S. Georg Sverdrup: Educator, Theologian, Churchman, Northfield, Minnesota, 1986. 218 pp.
Published as volume one in the Biographical Series of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Hasund, Knut J. and Asbjørn Waage. Ulstein og Hareid i Amerika. Ulsteinvik, Norway. 1986. 271 pp.
Summary in English.

Hernt, William R. Stef: A Biography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Canadian Arctic Explorer. Vancouver, 1986. 317 pp.

Hoerder, Dirk , ed. Labor Migration in the Atlantic Economies: The European and North American Working Classes During the Period of Industrialization. Westport, Connecticut, 1985. 491 pp.

Hong, Margot Hojfors. Olånningar över haven. Utvandring från Oland 1840-1930. Uppsala, 1986. 276 pp.
Emigration from the island of Öland, Sweden, 1840-1930. Published as number 143 of the series. Studia Historica Upsaliensia.

Hought, Anna Guttormsen with Florence Ekstrand. Anna. Seattle, Washington, 1986. 142 pp.
Autobiography of a girl from Oslo who settled in northern Montana.

Johansson, Anders. Amerika. Dröm eller mardröm. Stockholm, 1985. 235 pp.
America - dream or nightmare? A series of interviews with Swedish Immigrants to America, largely after World War I. The book has come under criticism for its biases.

Jonassen, Christen T. Value Systems amid Personality in a Western Civilization: Norwegians in Europe and America. Columbus, Ohio, 1983. xvii, 357 pp.

Jordan, Terry G. American Log Buildings: An Old World Heritage. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1985. x, 193 pp.
An attempt to resolve the debate over the European antecedents of American log technology with field research in the Alps and southwestern Germany, southern Finland, Soviet Karelia, Sweden, and Norway.

Jordahl, Leigh and Harris Kaasa. Stability amid Change: Luther College in its Second Century. Decorah, Iowa, 1986. 263 pp.

Kaplan, Anne R., Marjorie A. Hoover, and Willard B. Moore. The Minnesota Ethnic Food Book. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1986. 449 pp.
Fourteen essays and more than 150 authentic recipes documenting traditional foods and foodways of fourteen ethnic groups.

Keillor, Garrison. Lake Wobegon Days. New York, 1985. 337 pp.
Fiction featuring an imaginary town peopled with German and Norwegian immigrants, much of which was first heard on Minnesota Public Radio’s program. “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Keillor, Garrison. Leaving Home. New York, 1987, 244 pp.
A collection of Lake Wobegon stories.

Keillor, Steven J. Hjalmar Petersen of Minnesota: The Politics of Provincial Independence, St. Paul, Minnesota 1987. xii, 342 pp.
A biography of a politician who rose to prominence in Minnesota’s Farmer-Labor Party and served briefly as governor following the death in office of Floyd B. Olson.

Kirn, Mary Em and Sherry Case Maurer. Hårute - Out Here: Swedish Immigrant Artists in Midwest America: An Exhibition of Works from Augustana College and the Quad Cities Community. Rock Island, Illinois, 1983, 144 pp.
A well-illustrated exhibition catalog with eight essays.

Kolltveit, Bård. Amerikabåtene. Oslo, 1984, 112 pp.
The passenger ships of the Norwegian America Line brought immigrants from Norway to America.

Knudsen, Knud . Beretning om en reise fra Drammen I Norge til New York i Nord-Amerika. Drammen, 1986. xxi, 27 pp.
Facsimile edition of a work originally published in Drammen in 1840.

Kongslien, Ingeborg Ragnhild. Drammen omn fridom og jord. Ein studie i skandinaviske emigrantromaner. Oslo, 1986. 446 pp.
A study of Scandinavian emigrant novels by Johan Boyer, Ole E. Rølvaag. Wilhelm Moberg, and Alfred Hauge.

Kvelstad, Ragnvald, ed. Poulsbo: Its First Hundred Years. Poulsbo, Washington, 1986. 300 pp.

Kverndal, Roald. Seaman’s Missions: Their Origin and Early Growth. Pasadena, California, 1986. 936 pp.
Includes information about Norwegian merchant seamen’s missions in the United States.

Laird. Helen. Carl Oscar Borg & the Magic Region: Artist of the American West. Salt Lake City, 1986. xvi, 248 pp.
Includes 125 illustrations. 40 in color.

Lee, Robert Lloyd. Fever Saga. Minneapolis, 1985, 160 pp.
A fictionalized account of the life of Thrond Helgeson Opdahl (1847-1898), a Norwegian-American pioneer from Valdres.

Leiren, Terje I Marcus Thrane: A Norwegian Radical in America . Northfield, Minnesota, 1987. 167 pp.
Published as volume two in the Biographical Series of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Leirfall, Jon. Old Tunes in Norway. Translated by C. A. Clausen. Oslo, 1986. 126 pp. Introduction by Odd S. Lovoll.

Lindahl, Sharon L. Through Norwegian Eyes: Paintings by Christian Midjo 1880-1973. Ithaca, New York, 1986. [24 pp.]
An exhibition catalog with a biography of an artist from Trondheim, who taught at Cornell University. 17 illustrations.

Lovoll, Odd S. A Century of Urban Life: The Norwegians in Chicago before 1930. Northfield, Minnesota, 1988. 367 pp.

Lovoll, Odd S., ed Norwegian-American Studies. Vol. 31. Northfield, Minnesota, 1986. 347 pp.
Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles. The volume contains twelve articles largely devoted to immigrant life in America’s great cities and published “In Honor of C. A. Clausen on His Ninetieth Birthday.”

Lowell, Briant Lindsay. Scandinavian Exodus: Demography and Social Development of 19th-Century Rural Communities. Boulder, Colorado, 1987. xxiii, 262 pp.

Magee, Joan. A Scandinavian Heritage: 200 Years of Scandinavian Presence in the Windsor-Detroit Border Region. Toronto, 1985. 128 pp.
Published as volume three in the Dundurn Local History Series.

Mayer, George H, The Political Career of Floyd B. Olson. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1987. 329 pp.
A Minnesota politician who forged Minnesota’s successful Farmer-Labor coalition during the 1920s and became the state’s governor from 1931 to 1936. First issued in 1951, this edition has an introduction by Russell W. Fridley.

McCree, Barbro Persson. John Sjolander: The Poet of Cedar Bayou. Austin, Texas, 1987. xi, 185 pp.
A biography and anthology of the poetry of John Sjolander (1851-1939), who came to Texas from Sweden in 1871 and worked as a truck gardener while writing poetry.

Miller, Sally M., ed, The Ethnic Press in the United States, New York, 1987, 459 pp.
Twenty-seven ethnic presses are described: included are “The Norwegian-American Press” by Arlow W. Andersen; “The Swedish Press” by Ulf A, Beijbom; “The Finnish Press” by William Hoglund; and “The Danish Press” by Marion Tuttle Marzolf.

Mission of Mercy . . . Women of Action. Park Ridge, Illinois, 1985. 39 pp.
A brief history of the deaconess movement in Chicago and the Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Society of Chicago established in 1896.

Mohl, Raymond A. and Neil Betten. Steel City: Urban and Ethnic Patterns in Gary, Indiana, 1906-1950. New York, 1986. 227 pp.

Mormino, Gary Ross. Immigrants on the Hill: Italian-Americans in St. Louis, 1882-1982. Urbana, Illinois, 1986. xi, 289 pp.

Natvik, Hallvard. Frå husmann til borgar: To slekterfrå Nadvik i Sogn. Utvandrarar 1845-1976/From dependence to freedom: Two family groups from Nadvik in the district of Sogn. Emigrants 1845-1976. Volda, Norway [1986]. 203 pp.

New Sweden: the 350th Anniversary of the Settlement of the Swedes and Finns in Delaware. Newark, Delaware, 1988, 32 pp.
“An Exhibition Catalog with an Introduction by John A. Monroe; Entries Compiled by Gary E. Yela.” Published by the University of Delaware Library for an exhibition March 1-July 15, 1988.

Nordstrom, Byron J., ed, Dictionary of Scandinavian History. Westport, Connecticut, 1986. xix, 703 pp.
A work “intended for the entrance level historian.”

Norman, Hans and Harald Rundblom. Transatlantic Connections: Nordic Migration to the New World after 1800. Oslo [1988]. 335 pp.

Nygaard, Kaare, Knife, Life and Bronzes: Sculpture and Vignettes. Scarsdale, New York, 1986. 192 pp.
Autobiographical writing by a Norwegian-American sculptor, surgeon, and humanist born in Lillehammer. Illustrations and background on 44 sculptures.

Prouty, Andrew Mason, More Deadly Than War! Pacific Coast Logging, 182 7-1981, New York, 1985. 252 pp.

Rasmussen, Rasmus Elias. “Viking” from Norway to America. Translated by Helen Fletre. Chicago, 1984. 95 pp.
A partial translation of “Viking” fra Norge til Amerika, an account of the sailing of the Viking from Norway to the Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, which was published in 1894.

Rockaway, Robert A. The Jews of Detroit: From the Beginning, 1762-1914. Detroit, 1986. xi, 162 pp.

Rølvaag, Ole E. I de dage. Riketgrunnlegges. Peder Seier. Den signede dag. Oslo, 1987. 836 pp.
A new Norwegian edition of Rølvaag’s immigrant trilogy. Four volumes published in one in the series Gigantbøkene.

Rosendahl, Peter. More Han Ola og Han Per. Edited by Einar Haugen and Joan N. Buckley. Iowa City, 1988. xxvi, 167 pp.
The remaining comic strips not included in the first collection published in 1984. A bilingual edition.

Rosholt, Malcolm. From the Indian Land: First-Hand Account of Central Wisconsin’s Pioneer Life. Iola, Wisconsin, 1985. iv, 348 pp.
A history of the Scandinavian settlements in Waupaca county with a translation by Rosholt of pertinent stories from the second volume of Thor Helgesen’s Fra “Indianernes Lande” og andre steder i Wisconsin.

Rundblom, Harald and Dag Blanck, eds. Scandinavia Overseas: Patterns of Cultural Transformation in North America and Australia. Uppsala, 1986. 145 pp.
Published as number seven of the series Uppsala Multiethnic Papers, it contains the papers delivered at a seminar at Uppsala University, October 18, 1984.

Rutzebeck, Hjalmar. Alaska Man’s Luck and Other Works. Compiled and edited by Clark Branson. Santa Barbara, California, 1988. 610 pp.
Rutzebeck (1889-1980) was a Danish immigrant and adventurer who became a legend in his own time in Alaska.

Sande, Lars Chr., ed. De som dro ut. Stavanger, 1986. 160 pp.
An abridged edition of the same title published in 1975. Articles about the Norwegian migration to America with an emphasis on Rogaland.

Sande, Lars Chr. Norsemen Follow the Trail. Translated by Rosalie Rayburn. Stavanger, 1986. 160 pp.
A translation of De som dro ut listed above.

Scandinavian Literature in a Transcultural Context. Edited by Sven H. Rossel and Birgitta Steene. Seattle, 1986. 285 pp.
Papers from the XV IASS Conference, University of Washington, August 12-18, 1984.

Sherman, William C. and Playford V. Thorson, eds. Plains Folk: North Dakota’s Ethnic History, Fargo, 1988. 419 pp.

Simonson, Harold P. Prairies Within: The Tragic Trilogy of Ole Rølvaag. Seattle, 1987. vii, 103 pp.
Beret, the central figure of Giants in the Earth, Peder Victorious, and Their Fathers’ God, is examined in establishing Rølvaag’s portrayal of the immigrant experience.

Skårdal, Dorothy Burton and Ingeborg R. Kongslien. Essays on Norwegian-American Literature and History. Oslo, 1986. 375 pp.
Twenty-six papers given at a seminar held in Oslo, June 26-30, 1984, published by NAHA-Norway, the American Institute, University of Oslo, and the International Summer School, the University of Oslo.

Skuggevik, Dordi Glærum. Utvandrings historie fra Nordmøre. Stangvik og Surnadal prestegjeld. Surnadal, Norway, 1986. 460 pp.
Emigration history from Nordmøre. Summary in English.

Steiner, Dale R. Of Thee We Sing: Immigrants and American History. San Diego, 1987. 259 pp.
The life of Norwegian-American Gro Svendsen is presented in chapter 8.

Strøm, Elm and Wenche Herwig. Norwegians to America. Oslo, 1984. 80 pp.
Book prepared for the “Promise of America” exhibit when it opened in Oslo in June, 1984.

Swierenga, Robert P., ed. The Dutch in America: Immigration, Settlement, amid Cultural Change. New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1985. xv, 303 pp.
Thirteen papers on Dutch immigration presented at the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies in the fall of 1982.

Thompson, Harry F., Arthur R. Huseboe, and Sandra Olsen Looney, eds. A Common Land, a Diverse People: Ethnic Identity on the Prairie Plains. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1987. 190 pp.

Upton, Dell, ed. America’s Architectural Roots: Ethnic Groups That Built America. Washington, D.C., 1986. 193 pp.
Included are essays on the Danes by Thomas Carter, the Finns by Matti Kaups, the Norwegians by Darrell D. Henning, and the Swedes by Lena Andersson-Palmquist.

von Holt, Ida Elizabeth Knudsen. Stories of Long Ago: Niiliua, Kauai, Oahu. Honolulu, Hawaii, 1985. 158 pp.
A revised edition of the stories of Mrs. von Holt (1868-1941). Included is an essay on Valdemar Knudsen, the author’s father, who emigrated from Oslo to the United States in the I 850s and later settled in the kingdom of Hawaii.

Weatherford, Doris. Foreign and Female: Immigrant Women in America, 1840-1930. New York, 1986. 288 pp.
Contains numerous references to Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish immigrants.

Wefald, Knud. Dikt i Samling: Selected Poetry. Edited by Øyvind Tveitereid Gulliksen. [Porsgrunn], Norway, 1987. 120 pp.
Twenty-nine poems by a noted Norwegian-American poet (1869-1936), five in English.

Wheeler, Wayne. An Analysis of Social Change in a Swedish-Immigrant Community: The Case of Lindsborg, Kansas. New York, 1986. 386 pp.

Wretlind, Eric. A Swedish City Directory of Boston 1881. Translated and edited with notes by Nils William Olsson. Winter Park, Florida, 1985. 78 pp.


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A survey of contemporary Norwegian-American press opinion on a significant event in the American labor movement.

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The society of emigrants and their descendants from Telemark in the United States.

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With English summary. The granary at Teksle-bottom. An example of Norwegian-American building in Iowa. The granary is now at the Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Hamar, Norway.

Bakken, Reidar. “En solungs amerikanske hus; tilpasninger til kultur og naturmiljø.” Nytt omn gammalt. Glomndalsmuseets årbok, 1986, 69-87.
The article is based on a study of a timber house now at the Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Hamar, which was built in Norman, North Dakota. in 1871 by Peder Borderud, an emigrant from Grue in Solør.

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Jens Nyholm from Denmark was Northwestern’s University Librarian from 1944-1968 and his extensive papers are preserved in the University Archives.

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A recounting of the establishment of the Danish Immigrant Museum Committee and the decision not to establish a central Danish-American Archives but to rely on the Danish Immigrant Archival Listing (DIAL).

Bjaaland, Pat. “Meet Dik Browne the Wonderful, Creator of Hagar the Horrible.” The Norseman, 27, 6: 22-25 (November, 1987).
An American cartoonist has created a comic strip about a Norwegian Viking which has proved popular with Norwegians and Norwegian Americans alike.

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A wealthy Chicago electrical inventor and businessman, born in Iceland, designed and supervised the construction of six unusual stone buildings on his estate on Rock Island, Door county, Wisconsin. His book collection was acquired by the University of Wisconsin after his death and forms part of the library’s history of science collection.

Chrislock, Carl H. “Profile of a Ward Boss: The Political Career of Lars M. Rand.” Norwegian-American Studies, 31: 35-72 (1986).
Rand, a Norwegian-American Minneapolis politician, was able to advance politically by responding to the divisions, needs, and interests within his constituency, the sixth ward.

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Reminiscences by a Danish immigrant artist who made the trek to Salt Lake City in 1857.

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A history of Danish-American Jens Jensen’s landscaping work on the Luther College campus, Decorah, Iowa, with a proposal to restore the original plan and extend it.

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A listing of books and articles, published largely during the years 1982-1985, dealing with immigration history.

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Anders Beers Wilse (1865-1949) of Flekkefjord learned the photography trade in the United States between 1884 and 1900 and returned to Norway to become a successful photographer.

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A biographical sketch of one of the early officers of the Sons of Norway in Minneapolis.

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Art exhibitions were urban phenomena in Norwegian-American life. Six illustrations.

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The divorce case of Pastor B. J. Muus and his wife, Oline, gained wide attention.

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During his stay in America, 1899-1909, Rise published a book and wrote poems for Norwegian-American periodicals and newspapers.

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Anna Ravnaas Oleson of Strand, Norway, became a central figure in a Friends settlement in O’Brien county, Iowa.

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Women in the (wild) West. A survey of literature about this part of the history of American women and about the role Norwegian immigrant women played in it.

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An account of a Norwegian-American outdoor game.

Gaukstad, Even. “Utvandrerne og det Norge de forlot.” Maihaugen, 1980-1985: 9-37.
The exhibit by this name about the emigrants and the country they left is described in text and pictures.

Gilbertson, Donald E. “Norwegian Antiques: Recognition of a Rich Wisconsin Heritage.” Antique Review, September, 1987, 37-41.
A well-illustrated article discussing items brought from Norway by immigrants, articles constructed by immigrants to furnish their homes, and articles imported for commercial purposes.

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The island of Karmøy’s impact on emigration to America.

Gladhaug, Ole A. “Fra Valdres til Alaska - Historien om Mikkel Gladhaug.” Sagn og Soge i Søndre Ourdahl, 1986, 50-56.
An emigrant from South Aurdal, Valdres, first settled in Wisconsin in 1866, later explored in the West, went on to seek gold in Alaska in the I 890s, and died in Wyoming in 1901.

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The wife of Herman Preus, pioneer pastor of the Norwegian Lutheran Synod, sketched for her own amusement between 1858 and 1866 and left a remarkable record of her life. Thirteen illustrations.

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