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Stavanger Laget, undated. On board ship, location not specified [assumed to be Norway]. (Click for additional discussion.) Original photograph 8 in high x 18 in wide. Photograph by Myklebust, Eagle Grove, Iowa. For best viewing, maximize your browser window. Click and drag or use the buttons at the bottom to view and resize.
Original photograph from the NAHA Archives. Digital reproduction by the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA), Northfield, MN. ©2017. For conditions of use, see the following information on the NAHA web site.
Five panorama images in the collection have the imprint "Myklebust, Eagle Grove, Ia. [Iowa]". This studio was operated by the Norwegian born photographer Kristian ("Christ") Myklebust (1869-1936) who had a studio in Eagle Grove and reportedly returned to Norway and photographed there.

Only one of these images is dated, that being the one titled "Stavangerlagets Møde Sandnes 21/6 - 1914". NAHA archive records of the Stavanger [Rogaland] Bygdelag list "travel" for the year 1914 and not a domestic location as in other years.

Another image in the series has the inscription "Stavanger Laget" appears to be taken on a board a ship. On either side of the deck where people are assembled are stairways labeled in Norwegian "1ste Classe". The photograph is most likely to have been taken off the coast of Norway.

The third image with the inscription "Stavanger Havn [Harbor]" appears also to be taken across the harbor, from the pier or on board a ship. In the background, center, is the top of Valberg tower, built in the 1850's.

The fourth image is labeled "Trondheim" and shows Nidaros in the center and the Norwegian Institute of Technology (now University of Trondheimj) is on the far left.

Image number five is from Vikedal, Ryfylke, Stavanger Amt (now Rogaland).

All these images may possibly be from the same trip by the photographer in 1914.
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