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Den norsk Synodes Prester of Professorer [The Norwegian Synod Pastors and Professors] 1878. Photography by John H. Olsen, Minneapolis, Minn. Original print 17 1/8" x 17 1/2". Photographed by John. H. Olson, Minneapolis, Minn. Click to locate a specific individual. For best viewing, maximize your browser window. Click and drag or use the buttons at the bottom to view and resize.
Original image in the collections of the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA), Northfield, MN. Digital reproduction provided by NAHA, ©2016. For conditions of use, see the following information on the NAHA web site.
Aaberg, O. H.87
Aas, C. C.417
Alfsen, O. A. 44
Andersen, J. J. Prof511
Anderson, A. 32
Bale, J.86
Berg, J.53
Berge, N. B.15
Berven, K.88
Bjorgo, K.23
Bjorn, L. M.71
Bockman, M. O.89
Borge, Mich62
Brandt, N.412
Breda, O. J. Prof.54
Bredesen, A.713
Bu, O. A.42
Christensen, E.516
Christensen, N. 717
Christophersen, E.614
Dahl, I. M.12
Dahl, T. H. 67
Dale, E. 214
Deitrichsen, J. L. P.31
Eidahl, K. O.111
Ellestad, N. J. 517
Erdahl, G.416
Estrem, O.61
Everson, O. S. 17
Fjeld, J. N.35
Forde, N.714
Fosmark, O. N. 616
Frich, J. B. 47
Frichh, W. 45
Frost, L.73
Geelmuyden, S. 413
Green, L. E. 312
Grow, D. Jh.110
Gulbrandsen, G.13
Hagen, O. A.213
Hakensen, H. 612
Halvorsen, H.36
Harstad, B.82
Hellestyedt, J. A.24
Hilmen, P. T. 74
Hoel, Ole,814
Hoff, C. L.63
Holseth, M.16
Homme, E. J.37
Hovde, B.34
Hustvedt, H. B.85
Hvistendahl, Chr.39
Jaastad, E.41
Jacobsen, J. D Prof57
Jensen, E.72
Jensen, E. P.78
Johnsen, Th. 617
Johnson, H.812
Juul, O. 710
Juve, T. O.315
Karlsen, L.810
Koefod, M. ?14
Koren, V.410
Krog, H.22
Larsen, L. Prof58
Larsen, T.311
Larson, R. 51
Lunde, G. A.25
Luther College Building, Decorah, IA11
Lutheran Church, Decorah, IA 815
Magelsen, D. F. 69
Magelsen, K.216
Markhus, L. J. 615
Meling, A. S. 414
Mellbye, O. A. 217
Mikkelsen, A. 43
Mjort, O. J.38
Mohn, T. N. Prof512
Moller, F. A.113
Monona Academy, Madison, WI115
Moses, J. T.28
Muus, B. J. 48
Naess, O.716
Narvesen, A. K. Prof514
Nordby, J.114
Norman, O. A.112
Olsen, E. 27
Ottesen, J. A. 46
Pedersen, N.715
Peterson, W. M. H.813
Preus, C. K712
Preus, H. A. 49
Quammen, A. N.68
Rasmussen, P. A.313
Reque, L. S. Prof56
Reque, P. S. 66
Reque, St. S.65
Rosholdt, T.29
Ruh, M P.210
Rystad, A. R.811
Sando, O. O.212
Saur, O. A. 79
Schmidt, F. A. Prof59
Sherven, L.515
Shesvold, T.711
Smeby, O. H.76
Solseth, O. E.18
Solstad, H. P.77
St Olaf's School, Northfield, MN 81
Stolts, C. C. 83
Stub, H. A. 411
Stub, H. G. Prof510
Svennungsen, S.33
Tackle, J.215
Teisberg, A. K. Prof513
Thorlacksen, P.415
Thorsen, J. A.610
Thorsen, M.611
Thorstensen, K.26
Thurmo, A.211
Torgersen, T. A.310
Tvedt, N. G.84
Valdeland, O.314
Vangsnaes, O. P.316
Velben, A. A. Prof55
Vetlesen, T.21
Weld, J. J.64
Wiese, M. F.317
Wilhelmsen, O. I. M. 19
Wulfsberg. E.52
Xavier, N. P. 75
Ylvisaker, J. 613
NOTE: Multiple copies of this image exist in the archives. The most legible is shown here.
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