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Ministers and Professors - Conference and Augsburg Seminary 1878. Original print 15 7/8 x 18 inches. Photography by H. Jacoby, Minneapolis, [Minnesota]. Click to locate a specific individual. For best viewing, maximize your browser window. Click and drag or use the buttons at the bottom to view and resize.
Original image in the collections of the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA), Northfield, MN. Digital reproduction provided by NAHA, ©2016. For conditions of use, see the following information on the NAHA web site.
Amble, O.19
Amundsen, O.31
Andersen, A.59
Asbjørnsen, P.211
Berg, I. A.57
Berg, O. N.212
Boe, N. E. 15
Bostad, O.14
Brun, N22
Clausen, C. L.28
Dahl, T. H.35
Eggen 36
Eriksen, E.13
Gjeldaker, Prof.48
Gjertsen, F. 34
Gjertsen, G.58
Gjertsen, J. P.25
Grøthem, I. H.42
Gunnersen, Prof.47
Hansen, H.53
Heggernæss, N.110
Helsem, C. I.411
Hoyme, G.38
Hvid, H. Z17
Iversen, N.52
Jacobsen, I. C.44
Johnson, A. [?] 37
Lund, L.43
Madsen, N.510
Midtbo, E. 511
Moen, T.32
Myhre, I. H.41
Neilsen, O.54
Nykreim, P.310
Oftedal, Prof.45
Olsen, L. For.26
Olsen, N.23
Olsen, O.21
Østby, P. G.24
Poulsen, O.29
Rørnæss, H.18
Saugstad, C.49
Scheldahl, O.210
Schirley, M.39
Sverdrup, Prof46
Tharldsen, I.33
Tøsdal, L.16
Vikre [Wikre]410
Wald, P. H.111
Weemaas, Prof. A.27
NOTE: Multiple copies of this image exist in the archives. The most legible is shown here.
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