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From the Editor

The goal of the publication program of the Norwegian-American Historical Association is to publish historical scholarship that invites a broad readership. We have been at it for more than seventy-five years and project a program of publication that reaches decades into the future.

Our most recent publications cover a wide range of topics. Please visit the "publications" area for more information about each book.

Our next volume will be three books in one. It will be an English translation of Johannes Wist’s trio of novels about the character Jonas Olsen. Just as did those who read these novels serialized in a Norwegian-language newspaper published in Iowa, contemporary readers will follow the The Rise of Jonas Olsen with curiosity and pleasure. Expertly translated and introduced by Orm Øverland of the University of Bergen, Norway, these novels offer a rich view of Norwegian-American life in both rural and urban settings.

Plans and possibilities for the future include a history small town life, of Norwegian-American life in the Twin Cities, a study of architecture in the immigrant community, and further volumes of Norwegian-American Studies. Suggestions, of course, are always welcome. Just leave us an electronic message at Please send your suggestions to the attention of the editor.

Members of the Norwegian-American Historical Association receive our publications in the mail as one benefit of membership. If you are interested in joining the Association and receiving our publications on a regular basis, just click the Membership menu item to your left for information. To purchase an individual title, call us at (507) 786-3221; write to us at: The Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1510 Saint Olaf Avenue, Northfield, Minnesota 55057-1097; or communicate through e-mail to

If you are not already one of our readers or members, we cordially invite you join us in the enjoyment of the Norwegian-American past.

Sincerely yours,
Todd W. Nichol


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